An intro is the beginning or introduction to a piece of literature, music, or television program. It comes from the word "introduction." It is the opposite of an outro. Many Untergangers use intros in their parodies to begin them.

Untergangers who use (or have used) intros

This list is in alphabetical order.
  • Allen Yu
  • CanaDolfy98
    • Intro depicts Hitler relieving himself, before Jodl comes and objects to him peeing, to Hitler's demise.
  • Dumb Fish Parodies
  • FegelDolfParodies
  • FegelStationChannel
  • Hank Railgun
  • HighBunker HxH Parodies
  • Hitler Rants Parodies
    • Current intro is little more than a version of his "Brady Bunch"-esque outro, but in a 4x4 grid.
    • Previous intros include a Universal intro parody and a title card intro, in both cases using a short Downfall (or other media) clip relevant to the parody the intro is for in addition to the consistent intro.
  • Joster285
  • F-A Alexander
  • Sonic7emerald
  • TheUnknownHitler
  • TraitorLoxoz
    • Intro is a compilation of clips of Hitler in the background like HRP, came out the transition and it appears TraitorLoxoz's name
  • Venkyra21
    • Only uses an intro in select special or feature-length parodies. Normally uses an outro instead.
  • VileHQ
    • Current intro is reminiscent of the QSound Logo from the Capcom Arcade games, only with SNES soundfont showing bits of static before completely being covered in static for a split second and revealing the same cards albeit with the original soundfont. The text and logos reference his known internet aliases (Dark Slash X and VileHarlequin) and content.
      • However he sometimes uses an alternate version of the same intro, only without the static and and with the alternate QSound Logo Sound.
    • His previous logo from when he was known as Dark Slash Parodies featured a clip from the Elsword overlaped by a transparent clip from Downfall before fading to black and showing the words Dark Slash X. The background music played was the SNK Playmore Logo theme.
    • The logo before that was a version of a Mega Man X6 Stage Intro featuring Black Armor Zero.
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