The International Untergangers' Day is a holiday proposed to pay honour to Downfall parodists and their work. It is celebrated on 8th September.


Smell of the Ice proposed an idea of a special day left to celebrate Unterganging in his parody Hitler proposes the International Untergangers' Day and opened a debate to set a firm date. There were a few suggestions taken into consideration:

Many Untergangers finally agreed on 8th September not only for its relation to the Downfall premiere but also to Thomas Kretschmann's birthday. The decision was published in an update video.


The first International Untergangers Day came on 8 September 2012, but only notoriousrob01 uploaded a parody on it for that year. The holiday also passed by in 2013 without much attention. On September 8th, 2018, ParrotAntics uploaded a video celebrating this day , yet he made a misspeling in the date, where he typed "September 7th" instead of "8th".

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