Inside Out Parodies are parodies that use the 2015 Disney/Pixar animated feature Inside Out as their primary source. Their main location is the mind of Riley Andersen, a 11 (12 by the end of the movie) year old girl, which, like everyone else's minds (including cats and dogs) in the Inside Out universe, is a metaphysical location primarily containing her five emotions, Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust, who command all her emotional reactions and most of her actions via the console on a building named Headquarters.

The theme originated as an offshoot of Hitler Parodies by ASBusinessMagnet, who felt a general distaste with both the Unterganger community and the lack of originality of Hitler Parodies, and is meant to be completely separate from Hitler Parodies. However, other parodists, such as JJ All-star, have introduced Riley as a crossover character regardless of this.

In addition to parodies using Inside Out as a source, there are also parodies featuring its premise, as applied to the residents of the Führerbunker instead, without featuring any of the clips of Inside Out. Two of those are Inside Out - Führer Edition by CanaDolfy98 (reuploaded by Unterganger Central), which only looks at Adolf Hitler's mind, and Downfall Parodies: Hitler's Inside Out by eagc7, which looks at the minds of, in order, Alfred Jodl, Hermann Göring, Hans Krebs, Wilhelm Burgdorf, Otto Günsche, Hitler and Hermann Fegelein. Notably, both of those were originally uploaded on the same day, June 25, 2015. Both of them use the clips of the character whose mind is being featured for their emotions.

Note that as Inside Out is an originally American movie, those who make its parodies usually use a foreign language dub.

People who have made Inside Out Parodies

In this list, the person's name is listed together with the language version which they have been using, ordered by the substantiality of its use.

Comparisons to Other Parody Series

Both Hitler Parodies and AGK Parodies have served as inspiration to Inside Out Parodies. ASBusinessMagnet's livestream ident reflects this by depicting Hitler, Riley and Leopold together, while also implying that Inside Out Parodies are separate from other parody themes. However, the three series are not really directly comparable beyond fringe connections, due to Inside Out Parodies having a radically different style.

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