An informer's role is to inform their leader (and sometimes a fellow comrade/friend) of things. Often, the things they inform them of are irrelevant and stupid (often purposefully) with the aim (or consequence) of causing them to rant furiously, or become immensely annoyed at least. Often, they inform their leaders of antics committed by the leader's native antic master.

List of Informers

Prominent informers

  • Otto Günsche (Downfall Parodies) - He informs his leader, Adolf Hitler of anything, from antics to ridiculous things. He often appears to be stupid, blank and imbecilic. However, this may just be a false mask he has put on to disguise his love of annoying Hitler; he may be more malicious than he appears.
  • Karl Koller - He is frequently called by Hitler for information about various things.
  • Nikolai Yezhov (Stalin Parodies) - He generally informs his leader (Joseph Stalin) about sensible things, such as happenings in the parody universe. He seems sensible and obviously intelligent, but is more unhinged and violent at times.

Lesser known informers


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