Hitler eating scene

Goering ist ein corrupt Imbecil!

Göring, ja, ist ein corrupt imbecile!”

Imbecile is a term used by Hitler to curse at someone's incompetency or out of sheer hate. The term originally appeared in Downfall itself in the Dinner Scene.

In the parodies however, he uses it on those that have failed or infuriated him such as Fegelein, as well as Himmler, Jodl, and other Hitlers.

In reference to popular culture, Hitler also calls people "imbeciles", such as Formula One race driver Lewis Hamilton.

Hitler also calls various Untergangers imbeciles such as Master Studios[1] and Kakashiball Z[2].

Imbecile List

It is believed that Hitler has a document called the "Imbecile List", which he adds the names of individuals he considers an imbecile. It is unclear how detailed this list is, whether it contains detailed information why said individual is an imbecile, and what is also equally unclear is if once a person is added to the imbecile list is it possible to be removed from it. Since only Hitler himself has any knowledge of the existence of this list, it is only speculation as to whom is actually on it:


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