Igor Bubenchikov
Igor Bubenchikov


Igor Sergeevich Bubenchikov
Игорь Сергеевич Бубенчиков


28 May 1966

Known for

Playing Franz Schädle in Downfall


1.78m (5' 10")



Alternate names

Igor’ Sergeevič Bubenčikov

Igor Bubenchikov (Russian: Игорь Сергеевич Бубенчиков) (born 28 May 1966, St. Petersburg) is a Russian actor, director and radio host.

Bubenchikov was born in St. Petersburg. After he finished school, he joined the Rimsky-Korsakova University of Culture of St. Petersburg. After he graduated, he began to appear in theatre plays. After theatre, he starred in several TV series and films.

His most known and only big role is in the 2004 German film Der Untergang, where he played the minor role of the commander of Adolf Hitler's personal bodyguard Franz Schädle. Bubenchikov's real voice cannot be heared in the movie since he was redubbed like several other Russian actors playing German roles. His portrayal is memorable for his dramatic suicide, by blowing his brains out with his gun.

Bubenchinkov's nickname is "Bubba", as given by his friends. "I - Bubba! So call by my friends and me it's nice." Many remember this greeting Igor from acclaimed TV programs "Kinobudka" and "RELAX-TV".

Today, Igor is the "voice" radio "Hermitage" 90.1 FM. And for 15 years, remains one of the best leading and super-master of ceremonies of St. Petersburg.


  • Streets of Broken Lamps-7 (2006) ... Yuri Litvinovich
  • Pushover (2008) ...
  • Downfall (2004) ... Franz Schädle
  • Black Crow (2004) ... Badan
  • Black Crow (2001) ... Badan
  • Black sucker (1999) ...
  • Misfire (1993) ... General Krasnov / Perepelkin
  • Window to Paris (1993) ... Teacher at "Business Lyceum"
  • White Horse (TV) (1993) ... (uncredited)

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