Ieronim Pavlovich Uborevich
Mikhail Tukhachevsky, Ieronim Uborevich and Yakov Gamarnik talk 0001
Uborevich typically discussing something with fellow generals.


Ieronim Pavlovich Uborevich


14 January 1896
Užpaliai, Lithuania, Russian Empire


12 June 1937 (aged 41) Moscow


Stalin, Tukhachevsky, Gamarnik, etc (USSR)


Hitler, Fegelein (Nazi-Soviet Antic War), Günsche, etc (Nazi Germany and allies)

Portrayed by

Zaykov Andryey Vyachyeslavovich

Ieronim Pavlovich Uborevich (14 January 1896 - 11 June 1937) was a senior Soviet commander in the Russian civil war and an Army Commander (1st Rank) in the period prior to the war and his death (via execution) in 1937 in Stalin's purges.

He joined the Bolsheviks in the October Revolution and commanded a Red Guards Division in Belarus in January 1918. He was captured by the Germans, but later escaped. He commanded the 9th, 10th and 14th armies during the Russian Civil War.

Coincidentally he actually fought alongside Tukhachevsky in the Polish-Soviet war, and in suppressing the Tambov Rebellion in 1921. He was also War Minister of the short-lived Far Eastern Republic (a buffer state between Russia and Japan.

After the war he continued his rise, becoming commander of the North Caucasus Military District in 1925, the Moscow District in 1928, Chief of Armaments from 1928-31, and from 1931-37 as commander of the Belorussian Military District.

In the Parodies

In the Stalin Parodies of Benad361, he is a good friend of Tukhachevsky, Gamarnik and the other generals.

He is often seen talking with them in Stalin parodies made by both Benad361 and HitchcockJohn, who also makes the parodies, notably in their collaboration parody: The Antic War: Himmler's intrigue versus the Fuhrer.

In the Rosen Wars: Revenge of the Plamz series, he is the captain of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin's escape ship, as it attempts to evacuate him from Earth. However, the ship is destroyed by the Death Plam, on the orders of Emperor Rosen himself, obliterating both Stalin and Uborevich(and all the crew on board).


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