The Hitler wedding scene is a scene in Downfall that is rarely used in parodies.

In Downfall

As Traudl Junge begins to type Hitler's testament, Hitler and Eva Braun are sitting at a table, Walter Wagner facing them and Goebbels behind him. Wagner asks Hitler is of Aryan descent, Traudl looks in horror over the question. After a moment, Hitler responds yes. Wagner says that according to the racial laws he must ask Hitler for his identity card, at which point Goebbels reminds him that he is talking to the Führer.

Wagner ignores his last question and proceeds to ask Hitler and his fiancée the reglementary marital questions. Having both of them replied with Ja, he declares them an officially married couple. The other witnesses to the wedding, Hans Krebs, Wilhelm Burgdorf, Martin Bormann, and Magda Goebbels applaud as Traudl finishes typing.

She delivers the will to Hitler, who leaves with Krebs to his office. Traudl tells Eva that she didn't know about the wedding. Eva begins to joke and they start to laugh. Hitler asks Krebs if they have any news from Wilhelm Keitel or Walther Wenck, and Krebs says no and Hitler nods in despair.

In the Parodies

This scene (where Wagner weds the two) has been known to be used in a parody by ChileanAntics depicting Wagner as a Doctor in medicine.

In some parodies, Traudl is edited out and replaced with, for example, Albert Speer.

There have been some parodies in which this scene has been used where Goebbels talks to Wagner but in an insulting manner.


  • The last part of the scene can only be found in the Extended Edition.
  • At one point during the scene, Burgdorf holds two glasses of alcohol.
  • In the scene, Eva tells Traudl that when she signed, she almost wrote Braun instead of Hitler, and had to cross it out. This is visible in the real certificate, where Eva started to sign as Eva Braun and then crossed out the "B" and added "Hitler" followed by "geb. (born) Braun". [note: second page, number 2)].
  • The wedding scene was used in a community parody 20fadhil, in which Hitler Rants Parodies and JennieParker87 get married.
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