Hitler talks to Keitel is a scene in Downfall that is commonly used in parodies.

In Downfall

Hitler is looking through a magnifying glass at a map showing Bucharest. Wilhelm Keitel enters the room after being escorted by Heinz Linge. Hitler breaks his concentration and tells him to leave that night and help Karl Dönitz to prepare for the retaking of the oilfields in Romania. Keitel becomes confused. Hitler tells him that with no oilfields, the situation will become catastrophic. Keitel gets even more confused. Hitler picks up a piece of his cake with his fork and asks him if he has any questions. Keitel answers no ("Nein, Mein Führer"). Hitler wishes him a good trip. As Hitler takes a bite, Keitel leaves. Hitler returns to stare at the map with his magnifying glass.

In Downfall Parodies

The Last Man Screenshot

A scene from "The Last Man" by JennieParker87.

The scene has been used in countless parodies, where Hitler usually wants to tell Keitel something. Sometimes he asks him to find somebody, usually Hermann Fegelein. In other parodies, he reviews Keitel's food

As Keitel is confused throughout the scene, in one of Hitler Rants Parodies' parodies, Hitler is shown to waste Keitel's time.

Many parodies usually include the part with Heinz Linge escorting Keitel into Hitler's office.

JennieParker87 used the scene in her 2014's Halloween Special, "The Last Man". At the beginning of her parody, Hitler is seen reading a threatening letter through a magnifying glass.

Many story-based parodies use the part where Keitel stands up in the previous scene as a lead-up to this scene.


German transcript and English translation
Speaker German English
HITLER Hören Sie zu, Keitel. Ich möchte, dass Sie noch heute Nacht abreisen. Listen to, Keitel. I want you to leave tonight.
Begeben Sie sich zu Dönitz. Helfen Sie ihm, alles zu organisieren. Go to Donitz. Help him organize everything.
Es muss wieder Schwung in die Sache! There must be momentum again in the matter!
KEITEL Ich verstehe nicht. I do not understand
HITLER Wir haben keine Ölgebiete mehr. Das ist katastrophal. We have no more oil fields. This is catastrophic.
Weil es jede weitgreifende Operation unmöglich macht! Because it makes any widespread operation impossible!
Wenn ich diese Geschichte erledigt habe, müssen wir die Ölgebiete wiederbekommen. When I have done this story, we have to recover the oil fields.
Noch irgendwelche Fragen? Any questions?
KEITEL Nein, mein Führer. No, mein Führer.
HITLER Gut. Also dann, gute Reise. Good. So then, good trip.


  • Karl Dönitz is mentioned in this scene for the second time (in the theatrical version it is the first time).
  • This scene shows Hitler losing touch with reality yet again.
  • The oilfields Hitler is talking about are the Romanian ones, as Hitler stared at Bucharest, and the closest ones are the Ploiești oil refineries.
  • This is the last scene, where Keitel has lines (although he is mentioned later).


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