Hitler meets Greim and Reitsch is a scene in Downfall that is rarely used in parodies.

In Downfall

Officers arrive to help escort Robert Ritter von Greim on a stretcher due to a leg injury with Hanna Reitsch at his side. Ernst-Robert Grawitz who is waiting outside Hitler's office notices Hitler as he makes his way to the doctor's office. Hitler happily greets them expressing his joy over their presence as Ludwig Stumpfegger operates on Greim.

Reitsch tells Hitler of the hurdles of getting to the bunker such as avoiding Soviet artillery strikes. Hitler shows Greim Hermann Göring's telegram calling it treason. Hitler says there is still loyalty and courage in the world, and he expresses his gratitude over having them both here.

Greim hands Hitler back the telegram and lays back on the operating table. Hitler stands up and leans towards Greim. He offers him the position of Generalfeldmarschall of the Luftwaffe from Göring. Greim gets up and accepts the offer.

In Downfall Parodies

The scene is not used in parodies very often. This is probably because the scene has very little to offer for parodists. On one hand, the situation (von Greim being treated for his wound) is not funny enough to make a parody about. On the other hand, Hitler does not rant, which has been considered the main point of his character for quite some time. But more and more Untergangers use his character in different scenarios nowadays. If used it is mostly for story-based parodies in a series.

The close-up of Hitler talking to von Greim is the only redeeming part of the scene, which saw use in Staedty86's Hitler plans a facial plastic surgery, for example.



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