Hitler instructs Günsche is a scene in Downfall that is commonly used in parodies. Together with the previous scene, it's also known as Bunker Scene 4.

In Downfall

Continuing from the previous scene, Hitler and Otto Günsche enter the hall together. Hitler tells his adjutant that he and Eva Braun are going to commit suicide in order to avoid being put on display by the Russians in mockery. He instructs Günsche to burn his body, so that it may never be found. After a short pause, he looks up to Günsche, grasps his chest with his right hand and asks him to promise him to direct his suicide. Günsche replies that despite it being a terrible order, he will carry it out. Satisfied, Hitler gently pats Günsche on the chest twice and enters his study.

Günsche walks to the room where Rochus Misch operates the bunker's telephone switchboard and requests him to take a phone call. Meanwhile, in the Reich Chancellery garage, Erich Kempka answers the phone. Günsche tells him that he needs 200 liters of petrol. Surprised, Erich asks where to get so much gas from. Günsche replies saying to take them from the parked cars. Erich asks what Günsche needs all the petrol for, to which he replies saying he can't tell him over the phone.

In Parodies

The part used most in this scene is the one where Hitler talks to Günsche, most notably the part where Hitler puts his hand on Günsche's chest, used in parodies like in PunchOfJustice's parody, Hitler's Secret Hobby, where Günsche finds out Hitler's hobby. It's also been used in other parodies as well.

The other part where Günsche calls Kempka on the phone has been used in many parodies, like Hitler Rants Parodies' The Assassination of Hitler parts 1 and 8, Blackbriarshaw's parody, and Günsche Leaves the Führer :(, where the Führer calls Günsche to come back, but he doesn't want to.


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