Hitler gets banned from Xbox Live

Snapshot from the parody.

Hitler gets banned from Xbox Live, originally known as Hitler's Ultimate Downfall, is a Downfall parody originally uploaded on YouTube by Bowlch on 6 June 2007 and reuploaded by MOTURK49 the day after. It is one of the earliest parodies ever made. Though the original upload by Bowlch has been taken down, the reupload by MOTURK49 has become one the most watched parodies of all time (8,987,740 views as of May 2016). The record, however, has been beaten by depromme's mirror of Yuanjin8899's Führer Rap Gangnam Style video, which racked up over 9 million views as of February 2013.[1] However, sometime in March the same year, the video was made private by its user, which means that, for the time being, the Xbox parody is yet again the most watched parody.

The parody was blocked during the DMCA crisis, but was later unblocked in October 2010.

In 2017, MOTURK49 closed his account, thus deleting the parody. The parody was later reuploaded by CallofDutyTrickshots [2] and reimproved by Hitler Rants Parodies [3].

In the parody, after hearing his Xbox account has been closed, Hitler goes mad, blaming and nagging Microsoft to doom.

Author revelation

A series of events transpired regarding MOTURK49's page on this wiki that made Venkyra21 researching on the website link displayed on the page, and he discovered posts that suggest the owner of the website (Damp Owls) as the original author of the parody and not MOTURK49, as the post was dated 6 June 2007 as opposed to MOTURK's upload date of 7 June 2007. More posts on the website indicated that the original upload by the site owner reached 1 million views by 10 June, and the video receiving multiple honours by 22 June.

He posted his findings on the wiki, prompting mfaizsyahmi to look at the archived website's about page to find a name of the site owner: Bowlch. He also found a comment on a post (the one with the honours) mentioning a Digg post by a Chris Bowley, which he suggest as the real name of Bowlch.

This revelation is very very recent and is subject to change.


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