Hitler gets abducted by Fegel-Aliens is a parody uploaded by Staedty86.


The video starts at the Führerbunker at 2:33 am. Here, Hitler is seen soundly sleeping at his desk, presumably fallen asleep during his hard work Führering everybody around. He snores loudly and talks in his sleep, mumbling things about Fegelein. A while later a flying saucer is seen hovering above the bunker. The saucer beams up Hitler from his room and then flies to space.

Hitler is then rudely woken up by three Fegel-Aliens, which are, as their name suggests, green aliens with oversized brains looking like Fegelein. Hitler thinks he is having a nightmare and askes the Fegel-Aliens what kind of ugly wretches they are. The aliens start discussing about experiments they want to do on Hitler, frequently using the word Fegel as a replacement for other words. (In the same fashion the Smurfs do with their own name). Hitler quickly catches on and rants about how no one will experiment on him and demands to be taken back to earth. While Hitler continues to rant about not being shown the proper respect, the Fegel Aliens reveal to also having abducted Blondi, while finishing their discussion about their experiment. While Hitler is still ranting, mutiple tools, amongst a regular drill and electric saw can be seen closing in on Hitler.

The next morning, Günsche comes in for his regular informing of Hitler. But instead of the usual grumpy Führer, Günsche is greeted by a human/dog hybrid, showing the aliens have succesfully replaced Hitler's head with Blondi. The parody ends with Hitler barking and growling at Günsche.


  • The interior of the Fegel-Aliens' ship is a modified version of the TARDIS' interior, which is the signature time-machine of the long running british Sci Fi series Doctor Who.
  • If you look closely at the background behind Hitler, a tube can be seen holding an embryo, which grows up to be a Jodl clone between shots.
  • Other background events are a Russian astronaut floating past the window and the Enterprise from Star Trek flying past the Fegel Aliens' saucer.


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