Hitler Vs (Hitler Versus) is a series of parodies created by Hitler Rants Parodies. The first video of the series uploaded July 2013.

The series center around Hitler either being told by someone or announcing himself that he has been challenged by an individual, ranging from fictional characters (Darth Vader, Captain Picard), animals (No No No Cat, Blondi), and even other Hitlers (Inglourious Basterds Hitler, Last Ten Days Hitler, etc.).

The battles themselves usually consist of Hitler and his opponent repeating their respected line, all with Audiomachine - Thunderdome (minus the choir) playing in the background, with one exception using Jochen Flach - The Reckoning instead. The two most common battles are "Ja! Vs. No" and "FEGELEIN vs. (something shouted in a similar fashion)". 

At the end of the battle, Hitler will either concede defeat, since he can't go on, then rant, or his opponent concedes and Hitler talks about how he defeated them.

However, Hitler does not always have to actually participate, as shown by Krebs and Goebbels engaging in a "Fish vs. Kipper" battle and his Inglorious counterpart battle the No No No Cat. The format also does not always have to be one-on-one or about shouting their line, as shown by Hitler competing with Jodl, Krebs, and Mohnke simultaneously in a map-pointing competition.

List of episodes

Video Name Battle Type/Win Upload Date Thumbnail Outcome
Hitler Vs No No No Cat Ja Vs. No July 16, 2013
Hitler Vs No No No Cat
Hitler Vs Inglorious Hitler Ja Vs. Nein July 23, 2013
Hitler Vs Inglorious Hitler
Hitler Vs Last Ten Days Hitler Fegelein Vs. Nothing July 30, 2013
Hitler Vs Last Ten Days Hitler
Hitler Vs Darth Vader Fegelein Vs. No August 1, 2013
Hitler Vs Darth Vader
Hitler Vs Dear Friend Hitler Fegelein Vs. Barney August 6, 2013
Hitler Vs Dear Friend Hitler
Hitler Vs Captain Picard Ja Vs. No September 3, 2013
Hitler Vs Captain Picard
Hitler Vs War and Remembrance Hitler Fegelein Vs. Nonsense September 15, 2013
Hitler Vs War and Remembrance Hitler
Hitler Vs Blondi Ruff Ruff Vs. Woof Woof August 15, 2014
Hitler Vs Blondi
Hitler Vs Hitler Ja Vs. Ja August 29, 2014
Hitler Vs Hitler
Hitler Vs Voldemort Laugh Vs. Laugh October 10, 2014
Hitler Vs Voldemort
Krebs Vs Goebbels Fish Vs Kipper November 10, 2015
Krebs Vs Goebbels
Hitler Vs Jodl Vs Krebs Vs Mohnke Map-pointing November 24, 2015
Hitler Vs Mohnke Krebs Jodl
Inglorious Hitler Vs No No No Cat No Vs. Nein April 15, 2016
No No No Cat Vs Inglorious Hitler
Lose (Inglorious Hitler)
Hitler Vs Fegelein Fegelein Vs. Hitler April 14, 2017
Hitler Vs Trump Fegelein Vs. China Sep 20, 2017
Hitler Vs Trump HRP
Koller Vs Inglorious Hitler Nein Vs. Nein Oct 20, 2017
Koller vs IB Hitler HRP
Lose (Inglorious Hitler)
Hitler Vs. Putin Fort Vs. F*** Apr 20, 2018
File:Hitler Vs Putin HRP.jpg

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