The Hitler Tunes DPMV Contest was JennieParker87's 9th contest. It was announced on the 3rd of June 2016. The idea to host a DPMV contest originally came from Delphox, who planned to host a DPMV contest himself, but after talking to JennieParker87, it was decided that she would use the idea instead. She had originally planned to organise a different type of contest, but it was postponed to later in 2016.


The theme of the contest was DPMVs (Downfall Parody Music Videos). The contestant could submit up to 2 entries. Any DPMV which was published some time during the 3 months prior to the day the contest was announced (March 3, 2016) could be submitted as an entry. However, new DPMVs (published on the 3rd of June until deadline) received 2 bonus points in the judging process.


As in all JennieParker87's contests, Holocaust references were forbidden. Other highly offensive material had to be avoided as well. At least one Downfall character had to be used.

Winner selection & Result video

A group of judges viewed the entries and gave points in different categories. The contest received a few more entries at first, but some dropped out and 2 entries were disqualified. The remaining 30 were presented in a result video on JennieParker87's channel on the 8th of August 2016. The entries were divided into 3 levels: Gold, Silver and Bronze. Their rank depended on how many points they received in the judging process. The result video was a collab between JennieParker87 and TheSilverUniverse. Parodyhall also contributed with a dub for the "middle act".


Gold level

No. Name Entry
1 Delphox & Venkyra21 Hitler Took A Pill In Ibiza (Fegelein Remix)
2 Mitchell Hang Tongues
3 Venkyra21 Adolf Hitler - DADDY (Parody of PSY's DADDY)
4 Sonic7emerald Adolf Hitler - Just VERRAT (feat. Jodl, Krebs & Burgdorf)
5 Jupiter9099 Hitler vs Masked Fegelein
6 Delphox Berlintale - Führergore
8 Avidsonicfan1991 U Can't Smash This (Parody of U Can't Touch This)
9 TailzParodies Bloomin' Hitler
10 Avidsonicfan1991 Finally Free (Parody of Part of your World)

Silver level

No. Name Entry
11 ElectroS Alan Walker - Sing me to sleep Hitler Remix
12 QuestionTuesdayFTW Battle! Hitlerneas Fegertal
13 Ninetales95NL Rantstein - Ohne Ehre
14 Biohazard434 Dolfy the Nazi Engine
15 Awesome Face! Super Hitler Land - Overworld
16 Ninetales95NL Rantstein - Du Rant So Gut
17 Joster285 The DolfFits - April Fools (Parody of Halloween by The Misfits)
18 FegeleintheVEVO xD Linkin Hitler - Numb
19 CMC Channel Linkin Hitler - Faint
20 TraitorLoxoz Adolf Hitler - Objected Out (First Entry for The "Hitler Tunes" DPMV Contest)

Bronze level

No. Name Entry
21 TheOwl18 Rant by the Ocean
22 JJ All-star Adolf Hitler - The Fairly Oddparents
23 TraitorLoxoz Adolf Hitler - Trap And Prank (Second Entry for The Hitler Tunes DPMV Contest)
24 FegeleintheVEVO xD Elastic Mustache (Elastic Heart by Sia)
25 JJ All-star Adolf Hitler - Harlem
26 Tung The Lost Temple (WoTB OST)
27 Superdumpfback Hitler wants to be a macho man (Himmler Fail)
28 QuestionTuesdayFTW When I'm Downfall Hitler
29 Sikharin Gurung Fegelein's Berlin - Heil Hitler( Parody of Capital Cities-Safe and Sound)
30 Süleyman Tekin Gürmen Dolfyman X6 - Steiner 2nd Form (Entry for Parker87's Hitler Tunes Contest)


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