Hitler Trolls is a fifth-generation Unterganger who started to make Downfall parodies in October 2016, after discovering them in late 2015. As of late July 2019, he has 3,292 subscribers and 1,183,573 views.


Hitler Trolls came to know about Downfall Parodies after watching's Top 10 Internet Memes video, where Downfall parodies are ranked the third. This introduced him to the Downfall parodies. Hitler Rants Parodies, KakashiBallZ, Delphox, and JennieParker87 were the earliest Untergangers he became familiar with. He then really got interested in these parodies and gradually became familiar with the characters.

One day, he felt like he must try something new so he thought of making a parody himself. He made his first parody on 5 October 2016 which was Hitler's Laptop gets hacked . He reached the 1000 subscribers milestone on 28 February 2018, roughly around 500 days after he started making parodies.

He is considered to be dormant at the moment due to his last video being uploaded on January 2nd, 2018 and his parody on December 23rd, 2017.

TraitorLoxoz Re-Uploads

In July 2017, TraitorLoxoz retired (at the time) and Hitler Trolls asked him in his retirement message if he could upload 5 of TL's parodies. TL never responded so HT went and did it anyways. The first parody he re-uploaded was Hitler works at 911 Emergency . On this video, he said that the other 4 would be;

The next parody was the Hitler sends Goring to Africa episode. The third parody was Hitler tries Fegel PC, followed by Hitler gets pranked by Gunsche as the fourth, and finally Hitler works at 911 Emergency 2  being the fifth.


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