Hitler Studios Danmark is a Danish Sixth-generation Unterganger, known for his parodies with bad but improving grammar (not unlike Micwan32).


Hitler Studios Danmark made his debut on October 13, 2019, making Downfall parodies in his native Danish with the first of six titled Hitler og hans bil ("Hitler and his Car").

On March 13, 2020, he released a video titled thank to wonkybonkbotty thanking through the form Hitler planning to thank WonkyTonkBotty subscribing to his channel where of course Alfred Jodl objects to the slightest happiness even if it is done through Hitler.

Parody Style

Hitler Studios Danmark's primary style is the typical two to three-minute parody structure featuring Hitler ranting and yelling as usual. However, due to his amateurish style with poor grammar and spelling in both English and his native Danish, it can be hard for some to comprehend what is being presented. Despite the grammar problem, HSD has shown major improvements in his parodies.


  • He created his first multi-parter parody called The Trip, which is currently ongoing with three videos made, with Part 2 made by Gachaganger.
  • He created a superweapon called the Button of Doom, which was used by Hitler as a replacement for his Pencil of Doom.

-The BOD is a much more powerful weapon than the POD but with its piss-poor accuracy, it often results with Hitler being pwned by his own weapon.

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