Hitler is informed scene HD

Hitler is informed scene HD

Hitler Reviews is a common parody series in the Hitler Parodies made popular by Hitler Rants Parodies. The series is derived from the Hitler, Grawitz and Günsche scene. This scene is a good alternative to the Original Bunker Scene. It features Hitler reviewing many things that range from films to games and electronic consumer products, usually critically.

In Downfall

The scene from the movie is cut short to Günsche telling Hitler that he (Hermann Fegelein) is not in the bunker. Hitler gets mad, and says that he needs Fegelein right away. He tells that if Fegelein left like that, then it was an act of desertion, or fahnenflucht.

It ends with Hitler telling Günsche to bring him Fegelein, and yells Fegelein three times while slamming his desk.

In Hitler Parodies

The series, as with the Original Bunker Scene (OBS), is mostly used to criticize the topic in question, as both feature Hitler being unhappy. This scene's appeal over the OBS is its much shorter duration and its straightforwardness. The topic is also more about a specific people or commodity (for example, iPhones), rather than a certain event (such as price hikes, political campaigns, etc.)

All the above factors contribute to the popularity of the series. Notably, Hitler Rants Parodies introduced this scene to prominence. A more neutral review is later made possible, with the advent of the Pros and Cons with Adolf Hitler.

These parodies, together with the fact that Fegelein's name is mentioned multiple times, most probably inspired Untergangers such as HRP and KakashiBallZ to associate Fegelein as the major antic doer. This is done using a separate series called Hitler is informed which discusses everything else that's not a review of some find.

FuhrerFegelein created a spin-off, called Fegelein Reviews, in which Fegelein gives his review of the subject in one line.

madhitler1 created both Hitler Reviews, as well as Hitler Predicts videos based around the TV show Deadliest Warrior, where Hitler predicts which combatant he believes would win in the Predicts video and either celebrates his victory or laments his defeat in the Reviews video. chucknorrisismypal would use the same format with Predicts and Reviews videos involving the web series Death Battle, but also adding Fegelein into the mix, who bets on the opposite person that Hitler picked, resulting in either Fegelein taunting Hitler or Fegelein getting dragged away in his arrest scene while complaining about the outcome.


  • This is the shortest scene in the entire film; it's about 20 seconds long (24 if you include Günsche arriving), making it fairly easy for parody making.

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