Hitler reminisces is a series of story and FX-based parodies made by British unterganger Benad361.

The series centres around Nazi Germany's leader Adolf Hitler recalling past events in the Parody Universe, such as adventures with fellow characters (such as Joseph Stalin and Nicolae Ceausescu) in the universe. The memories are recreated with the use of movie scenes, with audio and faces from the parody universe chroma keyed over the characters in the clip to make it seem as if it is happening to them. Often, the memories are presented in the form of a video played back over an inserted TV, to make it seem as if the events were caught on tape by 'Steiner's camera crew'.

One episode has been released so far. The second was supposed to be released in early-September, but has been put on hold due to Benad361's university commitments. Although Benad361 stated that he predicted the release date for the second episode on 20 December 2012, as of 30 December 2012 there are no news of the second episode, coinciding perfectly with Benad361's great commitment issues throughout 2013.


Adventures on Skull Island

  • Tukhachevsky takes cover behind some ruins, carrying his gun.
  • (Left to right): Mallory, Gaddafi, Antonescu, Werner and Ceausescu fleeing the stampeding Apatosaurs.
  • Krebs, Burgdorf and Gaddafi running amongst the legs of the stampeding dinosaurs.
  • Gunsche kicks a wounded Venatosaur as he runs.
  • A panicked Tukhachevsky looking for somewhere to take shelter.
  • "Blaargh!" *runs away in a panic* - Tukhachevsky on noticing a Venatosaur above him.
  • Krebs and Burgdorf running, with a frightened Marshal Tukhachevsky behind them.
  • Fegelein and Hitler.
  • "Please don't eat my person!!"
  • Tukhachevsky shooting dinosaurs.
  • On realising that shooting an unstable dinosaur wasn't the cleverest of mistakes...

Hitler reminisces about the time when he and other characters in the parody universe (such as KrebsBurgdorf, Stalin, Tuhkachevsky, Jodl, Muammar al-Gaddafi, Khamis al-Gaddaffi , John Mallory, Juan Miranda, Nicolae Ceausescu, along with Steiner and his camera crew) went on a joint holiday/adventure to Skull Island (a mythical island home to many surviving dinosaurs and strange creatures) in an attempt to bring about peace between themselves. Unfortunately, things don't turn up well and it's up to Fegelein and Tuhachevsky to save the day.

Episode Two

Predicted release date: 20 December 2012.

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