The Hitler plays series is a sub-meme involving Adolf Hitler or other characters being depicted as playing a video game, or in some cases, trying out software like Sony Vegas or Windows. They are typically in the form of voice-over videos, although scenes from Downfall or some other movie are also mixed in and/or edited for humorous effect. Games like those from the Call of Duty, Super Mario Bros. and Grand Theft Auto series are commonly used for footage, although lesser-known titles have also been used for parodies.

A notable example of a Hitler plays video is the FegelStation series by FegeleintheLostTapes, with Hitler playing games on Hermann Fegelein's console, only to be annoyed and frustrated at the various bugs being deliberately coded by Fegelein into the games. Another example of this is LizShaw's Hitler Tries A Let's Play series.[1]

Non-Downfall characters were also given a similar treatment, such as in the case of Kit Kittredge playing Mafia II,[2] although such parodies are quite rare.

This genre has become so popular that it has its own category in the Unterganger Awards, "Best Video Game Parody". It usually receives quite many nominations, so much so that JennieParker87 had to add special judges for this category alone.

The Bunker Games Contest was a contest that was hosted by JennieParker87 in order to promote the Hitler Plays sub-meme. Many gaming parodies were made during the contest period.

For a list of video games that have been featured in Downfall parodies (mostly within this sub-meme), see here.


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