Hitler checks Traudl's writing

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The wiki serves as a depository of all things related to the Hitler Rants/Downfall internet meme. The wiki title is quite misleading - parodies of this meme is almost exclusively derived from the film Downfall, and, as the parodies expands, includes characters and films that are neither Hitler nor Downfall.

Over the years, the context of the parody expands, from criticizing or reflecting the current issue, to the development of its own universe with storylines and scenarios that ensures hilarity, thanks to the collective minds of parody makers who harnessed their brilliant creativity into the meme as we know it today. The meme now boasts around a dozen major themes, with characters from many films, richly intertwined and dynamically interacting, and revolves around every topic imaginable, to ensure lulz for many years to come.

So take a look around and discover the charm of this unique and ever-diversifying meme!

Sorry for being too philosophic! Mfaizsyahmi 08:17, March 12, 2012 (UTC)

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