The Hitler Parody Wiki (this wiki, if you're wondering) is a wiki started by KakashiBallZ on 16 September 2010 to cater to parody-specific information and documentation regarding the Downfall meme and its extensions (in the form of parody themes) as well as the people who makes them (Untergangers). The wiki is open to anyone, fans and parody makers alike, to edit.


The idea for a wiki for the Downfall parody universe came as the result of clashes between KBZ and Wikipedia. KBZ wanted to add information about Fegelein's popularity in the Downfall meme, but his edit was swiftly reverted.

In response to this, KBZ turned to wiki farm Wikia and started the Hitler Parody Wiki where people can document about the Downfall characters from the parody perspective. Soon after the formation the lot of First-generation Untergangers who were mostly still active at that time began filling the wiki with parody-related information, inadvertently thrusting their individual parody perspectives into the character pages. Most notable of them was Xenomorph who started creating pages for his parody series, which was swiftly deleted by KBZ.

There was for a long time no guideline on style and categorization and individual pages are hard to browse and locate for the laymen. Sometime in 2011, Wikia switched its user interface from Monaco (slightly modified Wikipedia interface) to the current Oasis. The home page was not edited to cope with, resulting in a very unreadable layout.

On December 2011, KBZ finally promoted a second admin, subtitlecomedy. He, in turn, promoted a few other users. mfaizsyahmi, one of the new admins, began to slowly reform the wiki from its deplorable state back in 2011 by setting a guideline on page content, rationalizing page categorizations, designing templates (particularly Unterganging-oriented infoboxes) and introducing many new features (e.g. The Fegel Times, Featured Content, Contests Portal, YouTube link popups, Grand Unified Downfall Scenes database, tutorials, and getting the Untergangers Chat into the wiki), rigorously studying wikitext, CSS and Javascript in the process.


The content of this wiki can be roughly classified into three:

  • Articles related to Downfall, including locations, characters (with a section for parody universe information) and scenes (also with a parody universe section).
  • Articles related to Unterganging, such as its history, the Untergangers and their classification into generations, softwares used, Unterganging-related websites, tutorials etc.
  • Parody Universe articles, ranging from Antics to parody series.

These classifications are thus reflected in the wiki's navigation.

April Fools

Each April Fools Day since 2012, the wiki changes to fool users for a day:

Becomes Lissie's Wiki
Becomes Blondi's Wiki
Becomes Coconut Wiki
Mock shutdown notice due to DMCA notice by Constantin Film
Becomes Donald Drumpf Wiki
Becomes The TRIGGERING Wiki
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