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Note: The Unterganger of the Month and the Parody of the Month awards are currently held as part of the Downfall Community Awards.

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Did you know...

I didn't know that!
  • ...that Walther Wenck is the mentioned person most affected by the parodies, having his name replaced with "Fine."?
  • ...that Lt. Werner should instead be named after the author of the autobiographical book, Lothar-Günther Buchheim instead?
  • ...that Hanna Reitsch, who flew into Berlin with Robert Ritter von Greim, went on to break aviation records (particularly paragliding) and become the first woman to fly a helicopter?
  • ...that Downfall Hans Krebs's actor Rolf Kanies also played Adolf Hitler in Joe and Max?


  • Unterganger Minecraft Server Wiki
  • /r/HitlerParodies
  • Inglourious Basterds Wiki
  • Unterganger Chat Central
  • Lingepedia
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