Hitler Is Trapped is a parody series introduced by Echoes1224 with the upload of "Hitler is trapped in an elevator" and two more trapped parodies. Several other YouTubers and Untergangers have made their own "Hitler is trapped/stuck" videos. These parody series are a subset of audio-based parody style.

Typical Structure

Parodies of this nature tend to involve Adolf Hitler and various other characters, typically the cast of Downfall, though often times other characters will make an appearance. The characters are usually "trapped" somewhere, and the visuals simply show a photograph of that location from the outside, whilst the viewer can hear dialogue and other sounds from within, leaving their imagination to visualize what is happening. Typically, the story presented in these parodies either ends abruptly with no resolution, or has something really embarrassing happen to Hitler.

For comedic effect, the locations where the characters are trapped is often a small space, such as an elevator, a wooden box, a closet (like the one owned by Vasily Chuikov), a sewer, or a hot air balloon. This allows for comedic effect when large groups of characters are somehow able to fit in such confined spaces. However, it is not unheard of for Untergangers to try and use larger areas, such as a roller coaster or a maze. Similarly, while it's the most common format, the characters don't actually have to be trapped. For instance, the same format could be used for a parody centered around Hitler going grocery shopping.

While most of the video simply uses a still image for a visual, some parodies utilize special effects when it is possible (i.e. showing Otto Günsche's various belongings falling off a roller coaster when he drops them and muffled voices) while some loop a few seconds of footage (e.g. Göring drawing in his arm to look at his watch, forward and reversed). Occasionally, actual scenes from Downfall may be used for an introduction or for flashbacks. Some Untergangers even twisted the theme by featuring the actual scenes themselves, such as by trapping Hitler in computer screens and paintings.

Notable Untergangers who had made 'trapped' parodies


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