“Himmler... Unter allen ausgerechnet, HIMMLER!!!”
“Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja! Ja!”
“Ja vielleicht schon TOT!!!”

The Hitler Eating Scene or Hitler Dining Scene is a scene from Downfall commonly used in Hitler Parodies.

In Downfall

The scene begins with Hitler telling von Greim that he has a huge responsibility on his shoulders: to rebuild the Luftwaffe after Göring's betrayal. He also informs him that many mistakes have been made before, so he has to be ruthless.

Continuing, Hitler states that life will never forgive weakness, and states that humanity is just priests' drivel. He also believes compassion is a sin, and thus compassion for the weak is a betrayal of nature's law. Goebbels agrees, stating that the strongest can only be victorious by eliminating the weak, which gives him an objective glance by Gerda. Hitler continues on to say that he's always followed that rule, because he oppressed domestic opposition and destroyed resistance of alien races, then states he had to deal with it.

Meanwhile, Linge arrives with a report note, just as Hitler begins to explain how apes kill outsiders, and believes that it should apply to human beings as well. Traudl raises her head at that remark. As he reads the report Hitler suddenly fall silent, and Goebbels stares at him in suspicion.

Hitler finds out from the report that Himmler attempted to make a deal to surrender to the western Allies at Lübeck through Count Bernadotte, according to the English radio (presumably BBC). At first, he could only utter Himmler's name in pure disbelief, but then started ranting that Himmler was the last person he expected to betray him, and he was the most loyal of the loyal, before yelling, "This was the worst betrayal of all!" (Das ist der schlimmste Verrät von allen!)

He then continues with "Göring, ja, he was always corrupt". Speer, ja, an absent-minded artist". For everyone else, he yells "JA! JA! JA! JA! JA!" Hitler, in his disbelief of what Himmler had done, wonders if Himmler went insane. He goes on that Himmler might have told the Allies that he was sick, or even dead; all the while everyone else can only sit and watch Hitler in silence.

Hitler finally recoveres some composure and tells everyone he wants to be alone with Goebbels, Von Greim and Hanna Reitsch; while they were leaving, he tells them to find Himmler's adjutant Fegelein. However, Linge points out that Fegelein was nowhere to be seen, while Hitler counters that as he is Himmler's adjutant he should be in the bunker. Burgdorf added that Fegelein has not been seen for days, to which Hitler responds that he wants his report at once, and they leave before Hitler talks to the remaining people.

In the Parodies

This scene is one of the most commonly used scenes in Downfall; it shows the characters having a discussion, or, in story parodies, it could bring bad news for Hitler. This scene is similar to the Original Bunker Scene and the Hitler is informed scene, because it features information of bad news, and Hitler's eventual rant.

This scene is also commonly used as a scene in story based parodies to show Hitler and the gang having a meal. Sometimes, special effects are added to show the characters having a celebration, such as Christmas.

The earliest surviving parody, La Caida (La versión No Oficial), where Hitler complains about the restaurant bill, is based on this scene. Many other parodists subsequently took advantage of the setting and produced parodies talking about food.

When Hitler says "Ja, vielleicht schon tot!", the "tot" part is sometimes cropped and looped for some FX parodies showing Hitler screaming or yelling "FUUUUUUUUUUCK!". The "tot" part is also heavily used in DPMVs, due to the wide range of uses with the line. One extreme example is Awesome Face!'s Super Hitler Land - Overworld DPMV.

A rare use of this scene was in Benad361's Tukhachevsky's First Antic, where Hitler reads Soviet propaganda, which was switched from the Downfall scripts. Plus, rather than saying "Yah yah yah..." when Hitler says that, he uses "No no no no no!"

This scene is used in Fegelein turns Hitler and the Bunker into a Flash Cartoon for the scene when Hitler turns into a Flash Cartoon.

Two most easily picked up mondegreens from the scene are the words "crappy" and "epic[ly]", from "umkrempeln" and "unerbittlich" respectively. These are not easily missed, resulting in more and more Untergangers incorporating them into their parodies to the point of attaining catchphrase status. Another common, but not an exact mishearing, is the phrase "Göring, yeah, he's a corrupt imbecile". Also the word HIMMLER!!! in the phrase Himmler... Unter allen ausgerechnet, HIMMLER!!! can sometimes be cropped or slowed down and you can hear Hitler screaming HELP ME!!!.

A mondegreen of Hitler saying "fuck the police" has been pointed out with a loop by mfaizsyahmi in this parody. Several comments pointed out that it sounds more like "farts a priest", but mfaizsyahmi justified his mondegreen with Hitler's heavy Austrian accent.


German transcript and English translation
Speaker German English
HITLER Eine große Verantwortung liegt nun auf Ihren Schultern: Sie müssen die Luftwaffe vom Grunde auf umkrempeln! A big responsibility now lies on your shoulders: you have to turn the Luftwaffe upside down!
Es wurden viele Fehler gemacht. Seien Sie unerbittlich. Many mistakes were made. Be relentless.
Das Leben vergibt keine Schwächen. Life does not forgive weaknesses.
Die sogenannte Menschlichkeit, das ist ein Geschwätz der Schweinepfaffen. The so-called humanity, which is a babble of pigs priests.
Mitleid ist eine Ursünde. Ich sage immer, Mitleid zu haben mit den Schwachen ist Verrat gegen die Natur! Pity is an original sin. I always say to have pity for the weak is treachery against nature!
GOEBBELS Das Starke... kann letztlich nur triumphieren, indem es das Schwache ausmerzt. The strong... Ultimately, it can only triumph by eradicating the weak.
HITLER Ich selbst habe mir, diesem eisernen Gesetz der Natur gehorchend stets jedes Mitgefühl versagt. I myself, in accordance with this iron law of nature, have always denied myself any compassion.
Ich habe die Widerstände im Innern wie die Gegenwehr der Fremdrassigen immer mit brutaler Härte eiskalt niedergeschlagen! I have always crushed the resistance inside as the resistance of the strangers with brutal hardness ice cold!
Anders kann man das nicht machen. You can not do that differently.
Die Affen, zum Beispiel, trampeln jeden Außenseiter als gemeinschaftsfremd tot. The monkeys, for example, trample every outsider dead as a foreigner.
Und was für die Affen gilt, muss doch in erhöhtem Maße für den Menschen gelten. And what applies to the apes, but must apply to an increased extent for humans.
Himmler hat in Lübeck... Himmler has in Lübeck...
...den Westmächten ein Kapitulationsangebot gemacht... ...made a capitulation offer to the Western powers...
...bei dem Grafen Bernadotte. ...with Count Bernadotte.
Der englische Rundfunk berichtet das. The English radio reports that.
Himmler. Unter allen ausgerechnet Himmler! Himmler. Of all of all Himmler!
Der Treueste der Treuen. The most loyal of the faithful.
Göring, ja. Er war korrupt, immer schon! Göring, yes. He was corrupt, always!
Speer, ja! Ein weltfremder, unberechenbarer Künstler! Speer, yes! Yes! A world-strange, unpredictable artist!
All die anderen: JA, JA, JA, JA, JA! All the others: YES, YES, YES, YES, YES!
Aber Himmler? Ja, ist er denn wahnsinnig geworden? But Himmler? Yes, he has gone insane?
Bitte, lassen Sie mich mit Ritter von Greim und Fräulein Reitsch allein. Please, leave me alone with Ritter von Greim and Fräulein Reitsch.
Und holen Sie mir Fegelein! And get me Fegelein!
LINGE Mein Führer, wir wissen nicht, wo er sich im Moment aufhält. My Führer, we do not know where he is at the moment.
HITLER Was soll das heißen? Er ist Himmler's Adjutant, er muss zur Verfügung stehen! What does this mean? He is Himmler's adjutant, he must be available!
BURGDORF Wir haben ihn schon seit Tagen nicht mehr gesehen. We have not seen him for days.
HITLER Ich will sofort seinen Bericht! I want his report immediately!


  • This is a critical scene in Der Untergang for Fegelein; this event starts the chain reaction which leads to Fegelein's execution. Had this not happened, Fegelein would've survived the war, although other factors could have played a role in Fegelein's Fahnenflucht and execution.
  • This scene features Hitler getting furious over Himmler, much like the Günsche informs Hitler scene later on where he rants over Fegelein. Due to this, and Fegelein being Himmler's subordinate, the two people become the earliest characters associated with antics.
  • Eva, Traudl, von Greim, Krebs, and Gerda appear in the scene, but don't have any lines.
  • Burgdorf, Goebbels, and Linge only have one line each.
  • Günsche, Keitel, and Jodl all do not appear in this scene.
  • A line spoken by Hitler immediately before Linge enters the room is used in the Pros and Cons with Adolf Hitler series for when Hitler asks Günsche if there's "anymore questions".

Notable Quotes

“Himmler....Unter allen ausgerechnet Himmler!!”
―Himmler .... Except for all Himmler !!
“Das ist der schlimmste Verrat von allen!”
―This is the worst betrayal of all!
“Ja, vielleicht schon tooooot!”
―Yes, maybe already dead!
“Und holen Sie mir Fegelein!”
―And get me Fegelein!
“Ich will sofort seinen Bericht!”
―I want to report immediately!


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