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August 2011

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Hitler Downfall Parodies was a website founded by Shomronon which seeks to address the problem of "a meme controlled by one person".


The website will help promote lesser-known Untergangers which find it hard to get noticed by YouTube, and will feature the ability to upload files to the server for others to download in an easy and intuitive way. Another aim is to provide good quality materials for parodies as well as tutorials for various editing programs such as Sony Vegas. It also contained links to several Greenscreen packs.

The site has front page featured content, a FX parodies list, a blog, photo gallery and a forum. The site had very few visitors, less than 10.


As of the second to last week of August 2012, the site is no longer available. On 27 August 2012, MabusParodies sent a message to Shomronon asking him why the site is no longer available. Shomronon replied:

“Thanks for the concern, but it shall never be restored. The original purpose of the site was to provide an alternative for HRP's site, but now with the better alternative at (Untergangers Central) there is no need for it.”

The site is now defunct and the domain is no longer active. Due to long term inactivity, Untergangers Central was also closed down several months later.

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