Council of many Hitlers

All Hitlers are alike.

The Hitler Council was an organization whose stated aims were facilitating cooperation between the different Hitlers. It was also known as the Council of Hitlers, though the latter name is now used to refer to all renditions of Hitler throughout history.

Former members of the Hitler Council, as per HRP's parodies, included the real Adolf Hitler, The Bunker Hitler, Downfall Hitler, Inglourious Basterds Hitler, Hitler: The Last Ten Days Hitler, Hitler: The Rise of Evil Hitler, Monty Python Hitler, Valkyrie Hitler and War and Remembrance Hitler.

Cooperation between the Hitlers hardly ever went smoothly, with rivalry for glory quickly turning them against each other. Downfall Hitler even ended up forging an alliance with Downfall Fegelein to kill Inglourious Basterds Hitler – it succeeded, but Fegelein later tried to kill Downfall Hitler as well[1].

The organization was ultimately dissolved when Downfall Hitler killed Valkyrie Hitler despite Jodl's warnings, kick-starting the War of The Hitlers.



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