HitlerParodies89, also known as "HP89" or "Hitler Parodies", is a Third-generation Unterganger who joined YouTube in January 2014. He started watching Downfall Parodies in December 2012 but he wasn't a big fan of them until he found out about the Hitler Rants Parodies channel in July 2013. He then started watching those parodies on daily basis and he became a big fan of them.


Starting His Own Parodies

In December 2013 he started making his own parodies; however, he did not publish any on YouTube because he was afraid he might "get no views" but in January 2014 after the new was launched, he was inspired to upload his parodies on YouTube.

His First Parody

On January 3, 2014, he published his first parody (Hitler is informed that a new unterganger has joined youtube)  of which got 200 views in 24 hours after Hitler Rants Parodies commented on his video, saying "Welcome to the Downfall Parodies meme. :)".


On July 16, 2014, HitlerParodies89 announced his retirement through this video. The reason why he retired was that he felt he didn't have enough views. However, he hopes that "this is not a goodbye forever".

Return And Suicide

On August 5, 2015, HitlerParodies89 announced his return to unterganging. However, in August 2017, he closed his Youtube channel.

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