Hitler: The Rise of Evil is a Canadian made-for-TV miniseries starring Robert Carlyle as (yet another English speaking) Adolf Hitler. Like the title implies, the series focuses on Hitler's rise to power. The series is notable for its number of historical inaccuracies.


The series shows Hitler's life from childhood to finally having come to power as Fuhrer of Germany. The first half hour largely consists of cuts of important moments in Hitler's life. Examples are being beaten by his father, being refused by Vienna's academy of fine arts, World War One and Germany's subsequent loss. From that moment on, the series shows Hitler's rise to power.

As mentioned before, this series is notable for its historical inaccuracies. Sometimes, the series even manages, believe it or not, to portray Hitler as more cruel than he actually was. Below are a few examples:

  • In the World War One scene, Hitler is seen beating a disobedient dog. The real Hitler was actually known for his great love for animals, being the first politician in the world to implement laws against animal cruelty. So it would be highly unlikely for Hitler to do such a thing.
  • People who were instrumental in Hitlers rise to power, like Hermann Goring and Joseph Goebbels were not seen that often.
  • Hitler himself is portrayed as a one-dimensional psychopath, always shouting at people in discontent and incapable of showing kindness. This contrasts the rather human portrayal of the Downfall Hitler, who is also able to show genuine kindness. Since the portrayal of the Downfall Hitler is based on the firsthand accounts of Traudl Junge, it can be assumed it is the more realistic portrayal, compared to the Rise of Evil one.

In the Parodies

The German dub of Hitler: The Rise of Evil is predominantly used by Hitler Rants Parodies' War of The Hitlers. The Rise of Evil Hitler plays a small role in said war, where he is mostly seen holding speeches towards armies of soldiers. He is also the one in the first episode to declare war upon all the other Hitlers. In this war, the Rise of Evil Hitler is defeated by the Inglourious Basterds Hitler.


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