Hitler: The Lost Tapes is an American Sixth-generation Unterganger from the United States.


Hitler: The Lost Tapes came across the Downfall parodies in mid-2017 liking The Shogun's Hitler plays Grand Theft Auto V.

He would then start making his own parodies debuting on August 21, 2018 with a parody titled Hitler's Shitty Day. And his name definitely came as a result of the influence of Fegelein: The Lost Tapes.

His most well known parodies include Hitler gets Erna Flegel to try and kill Fegelein, Hitler eliminates El Ristas, and Hitler and the Krebsdorf incident, revolving around Hans Krebs and Wilhelm Burgdorf homosexual relationship.

He also probably has made one of the shortest parodies (though not the shortest - some of Mfaizsyahmi's "only the silent parts" parodies run even shorter) with a seventeen-second video titled Schadle can't do it of Franz Schädle shooting himself in the mouth being unable to handle Tapes' entry into parody making citing ten years of parodies being enough.

Parody Style

Hitler: The Lost Tapes' style primarily concerns the usual parody structure, but each of them having their own individual story arch.

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