“Bringen Sie mir Fegelein! FEGELEIN! FEGELEIN! FEGELEIN!”

Hitler, Grawitz and Günsche is one of the (possibly the 2nd most famous along with the Fegelein Execution Scene) most famous scenes used in parodies of Downfall, after the Original Bunker Scene. The scene is better known by the parody series derived from them, namely the Hitler Reviews, Hitler is informed and Pros and Cons with Adolf Hitler. It also forms the basis of Hitler Interviews series.

In Downfall

The scene is made of two parts:

Scene with Grawitz

Ernst-Robert Grawitz is sitting in Hitler's office, nervous and sweating. Hitler enters the room, and Grawitz salutes him. Grawitz asks if he can leave Berlin, since the SS is already leaving, and he's concerned that the Russians would harm his family. Grawitz mentions that he is under the orders of Heinrich Himmler and Hitler says that he is a traitor and will pay for it. He denies Grawitz's request to leave saying he has done nothing wrong and that people will thank him for his medical research. Otto Günsche enters and Hitler tells Grawitz that they will discuss this later and Grawitz stomps in salute and leaves with a sour face.

Scene with Günsche

Günsche tells Hitler that Hermann Fegelein cannot be found and that he is not in the bunker. Hitler gets mad and says that he needs to see Fegelein right away. He says that if Fegelein left then it was an act of desertion. It ends with Hitler telling Günsche to bring him Fegelein, and yells Fegelein three times while slamming his desk with his fist.

In the Parodies

Although the first part is uncommonly used in parodies, the second part is one of the most famous scenes in Downfall that is used to make parodies, after the Original Bunker Scene. This is supported by the vast number of parody derivatives made from this scene. They can be classified into three major formats, with many sub-formats:

Each of the above series alters the original scene in several ways. The "Hitler is informed..." omits the part with Grawitz altogether. The "Hitler Reviews" is technically the same as the "Hitler is informed", but starts with Günsche's second line. The "Pros and Cons with Adolf Hitler" inserts Hitler's dialogue to Grawitz in between Günsche's two lines, replacing Grawitz's shot with Günsche's. In all these cases, the last part where Fegelein's name is ranted is included.

Notably, Hitler Rants Parodies introduced this scene to prominence with the "Hitler Reviews". These parodies, together with the fact that Fegelein's name is mentioned multiple times, most probably inspired Untergangers such as HRP and KakashiBallZ to associate Fegelein as the major antic doer. These developments led to the "Hitler is informed", which has a higher degree of association with the Parody Universe than the other two. This means that in "Hitler is informed" Fegelein is most likely to be involved than the other two series, which can be more general.

There are, however, a few parodies that use this scene unedited. In some circumstances, this is used for remix videos, where Hitler yells Fegelein in time to the music.


German transcript and English translation
Speaker German English
GRAWITZ Heil Mein Führer! Hail My Führer!
HITLER Sie suchen also an, Berlin zu verlassen? So you are looking to leave Berlin?
GRAWITZ Mein Führer, wie Sie wissen, sind alle ärztlichen Administrationen und Verbände, die der SS und Himmler unterstellt sind, inzwischen aus Berlin abgezogen. My Führer, as you know, all medical administrations and associations that report to the SS and Himmler have now moved out of Berlin.
HITLER Himmler ist ein Verräter! Himmler is a traitor!
Er wird seiner gerechten Strafe nicht entgehen! He will not escape his just punishment!
GRAWITZ Mein Führer, als Reichsarzt SS gibt es für mich keine Aufgaben mehr hier. My Führer, as Reich Physician SS there are no more tasks for me here.
HITLER Ihr Ansuchen, Berlin zu verlassen, ist ganz und gar unakzeptabel! Your request to leave Berlin is completely unacceptable!
GRAWITZ Meine Familie... My family...
Falls die Russen mich... If the Russians [take] me...
Ich muss hier weg! I have to get out of here!
HITLER Sie haben nichts Unrechtes getan![note 1] You have done nothing wrong!
Was Sie mit ihren medizinischen Forschungen erreicht haben, dafür werden Ihnen… kommende Generationen dankbar sein! What you have achieved with your medical research will be yours... be grateful to future generations!
Ich übernehme für alles die volle Verantwortung. I take full responsibility for everything.
Wir sprechen ein andermal darüber. We'll talk about it another time.
GÜNSCHE Wir können den Gruppenführer Fegelein nirgendwo finden.[note 2] We cannot find the Gruppenführer Fegelein anywhere.
Er ist nicht in der Bunkeranlage.[note 3] He is not in the bunker.
HITLER Was soll das heißen, Sie können Fegelein nicht finden?! What does that mean, you can't find Fegelein?!
Dann suchen Sie ihn! Then look for him!
Ich will Fegelein sehen! I want to see Fegelein!
Sofort!! Immediately!!
Wenn er sich ohne Befehl entfernt hat, ist das Fahnenflucht! If he has left without an order, it is a desertion!
Verrat! Treason!
Bringen Sie mir Fegelein! Bring me Fegelein!
Fegelein! Fegelein! Fegelein! Fegelein! Fegelein! Fegelein!
  1. Hitler's "pros" review starts here
  2. Pros and Cons start here
  3. Hitler Reviews starts here


  • This scene is also commonly used for storyline parodies.
  • This is the second most common scene used for parodies, the first one being the Original Bunker Scene.
  • The part where Hitler yells for Fegelein has become one of the most famous catchphrase in the parodies.
  • This scene features Hitler getting furious over Fegelein, much like the Hitler Eating Scene earlier on where he rants over Himmler. Due to this, and Fegelein being Himmler's subordinate, the two become the earliest characters associated with antics.
  • Some parodies end with Hitler shouting 'dammit' when he yells Fegelein; this is a common grammatical error. On other occasions, "Fegelein" is translated as something related to what Günsche has just informed Hitler about, sometimes leading fans to humorously remark on a connection between Fegelein and the subject.
  • This scene is probably the most commonly edited to fit together with other scenes from Downfall. There are two edited clips which join the Hitler Reviews Scene with the conversation immediately before (when he speaks to Grawitz) that are frequently used in parodies- one is the scene commonly used for Pros and Cons with Adolf Hitler, while the other is edited so that Grawitz is informing Hitler instead of Günsche. It is also frequently joined with a later scene in which Günsche reports Hitler's death (usually used when it is necessary to show Günsche entering or leaving Hitler's office).


  • Günsche: "Er ist nicht in der Bunkerlange." (He is not in the bunker)
  • Hitler: "Ich will Fegelein sehen!" (I want to see Fegelein!)
  • Hitler: "Sofort!" (Immediately/At once/Right now) (Used mostly as F**k)
  • Hitler: "Fahnenflucht, Verrat!" (Desertion, Treason)
  • Hitler: "Bringen Sie mir Fegelein. Fegelein! Fegelein! Fegelein!" (Bring me Fegelein! Fegelein! Fegelein! Fegelein!)


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