Hitler's mother is a fictional character in the Parody Universe. She is also known as Mama Hitler.

In parodies

Hitler's mother is, naturally, the butt-end of the Yo Momma jokes such as those seen in Viva La Fegel. Normally just insults, the characteristics of Mama hitler seem to lend some truths to the insults. Mama Hitler, though unseen, is depicted as being ginormous, a "sack of disgusting matter", with matching appetite, and a deep voice.

In Fegelein: The Lost Tapes' parody Mama Hitler Invades The Fuhrerbunker!, upon receiving news of her coming to check on Hitler, Hewel suggested leaving trails of Tootsie-rolls to lead her to a missile bay made makeshift bedroom. Dolfy bad-mouthed her until her ground-shaking arrival. After dining leftover scraps, Hitler is summoned to scratch her beard. In his room, Dolfy gets spanked for talking rude, and afterwards gets out telling the others not to make her angry.

In the sequel, Return of Mama Hitler!, after the news, Goebbels suggested getting ten cement truck loads of food reserves to feed her. After again signalling her arrival with tremors the soldiers are dumping their food reserves so that she couldn't get to them, and her looger landed on Weidling's post. Inside, Linge greets her and call forth Dolfy who went for a splashing smoochie. In the corridor, Jodl worries that they would starve to death but Fegelein reassured the others. Afterwards, Dolfy run away from her spanking after raising his voice. however, he gets caught and later called Mohnke to bring ointment for his burning ass. Göring, who is checking his watch in the scene, turns out to be hitting on Mama Hitler, who easily consented. Hitler is furious as the two get to her room and having a horribly loud sex. The men outside listens in horror and bad-mouthed her. Hearing Fegelein's voice, she calls Dolfy, Krebs and Burgdorf for a spanking.

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