Bring me Hirohito!

Hitler's Trip to Japan is a parody series created by Staedty86. With the first video uploaded around September 2011, the series in total has been watched over 30,000 times.

The series features Emperor Hirohito's ability to commit antics during Hitler's state visit to Japan, much in the same way as Fegelein. In the third video the two even collaborated.

The series uses clips from Japan's prank shows, notoriously known for humiliating the victims in public.




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  • Hitler's holiday in the Alps is most likely a predecessor of the series. it was uploaded on late April 2011 and also features clips from Japan's prank shows. In this parody the massage chair in the cabin is rigged to throw the naked Hitler out in the cold and slide down the ski slope.
  • The irony behind the 4th episode is that the real Hirohito was highly against making an atomic bomb because he thought it would bring the extinction of mankind.
  • The reason why Hitler is chased by Power Rangers in the 4th episode, is because Power Rangers is actually an adaptation of the long running Japanese superhero show Super Sentai. Super Sentai has ran for 40 years and has therefore taken a prominent place in Japanese pop culture, making it a very popular show to reference or spoof in other Japanese media, such as prank shows.
  • Fegelbear and Napoleon Bonaparte made a cameo on episodes 3 and 4 respectively, appearing on a small window at a top corner on the screen.
    • Japanese variety shows usually involve clips played to an audience in a studio. These faces at the corners are the hosts or guests of said shows showing their reactions to the clips.
  • The name Hirohito, as uttered by Hitler at the end of most episodes is realized via sound editing by combining the words Himmler, großes (great), Himmler and tot (dead).


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