Hitler's Summer Memories was a summer contest organised by JennieParker87. It was the 4th contest started by JennieParker87.


The contestant makes a parody using video footage, Photoshopped images and/or music (music videos; so called DPMVs). The theme of the parody should be a summer memory of Hitler's; maybe a failed vacation, a trip to the beach or some other summer event. It can be a positive event, a disaster or whatever the contestant chooses. The entry should then be uploaded to YouTube, and the link is to be sent to JennieParker87 in a PM.

Rules & guidelines

  • No Holocaust references.
  • Entry could be max 2 minutes long (or less).
  • Hitler had to be the main character, but other characters from Downfall could be added too (as long as Hitler was still the main character).
  • FX was allowed - and highly encouraged.
  • Scenes from Downfall, TheSilverUniverse's greenscreen packs, etc. could be used.
  • Music/background sounds were recommended when considered suitable.
  • Entries were to be judged based on creativity and quality.

Winner selection

The contest closed on the 15th of September 2014. Then a group of judges (all Untergangers), judged the entries based on creativity, humour, FX and quality. The top 5 entries were selected, and clips from the remaining entries were presented in the result video.


JennieParker87 has organized 3 contests in the past, and she used basically the same judging system in all 3. In this contest however, instead of mixing Unterganger judges with non-Untergangers, she will only have Unterganger judges. Another change is to use a special form, in which judges will give points within different categories, a suggestion she got from DictatorAntics. This will ensure a more fair judging process.

Top Five Entries

Place Name Entry
1 Soalric Parker Hitler's Five Nights at Freddy's
2 Ako675 Günsche's search for AKO675
3 CloneOfJoster285 The Hangover
4 AlphaSkyRaider and RocketAP3 Hitler's Summer In A Nutshell
5 MabusParodies Hitler's failed summer

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