Hitler's Shining is a parody by TheSilverUniverse. It was loosely based on Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 film, The Shining. The parody was uploaded on 18 March 2013 and as of May 2016 has gathered over 110,000 views.




Fegelcist Hotel administration
The Fegelcist Hotel is apparently owned by Albert Speer, despite the company's name. The administration office of the hotel is located in an urban center (presumably Berlin). Speer is in charge of application interviews. He not only interviewed Hitler looking for a groundskeeper job, but also warned him that the hotel is 'possessed'.
Fegelcist Hotel
The possessed hotel itself is located away from the city, and requires driving to get there. The hotel is large and contains dozens of rooms connected by intricate hallways.


Adolf Hitler
He is forced to take a groundskeeper job in the Fegelcist Hotel in order to get away from Fegelein (and his antics). He has a nightmare involving the Jodl twins and in one week becomes possessed. In his possessed state he taunts Günsche to bring him Fegelein. Günsche cuts Hitler's hands in self-defence.
His fate in the end remains unknown.
Otto Günsche
Hitler's informer who accompanies him to his groundskeeping job in the Fegelcist Hotel. He finds himself being taunted by the possessed Führer one week into Hitler's new job, and hides in the toilet. As Hitler is nearly breaking into the toilet he cuts Hitler's hand with a knife he is carrying.
His fate is unknown.
The Jodl twins
Possesses the hotel. Threatens to kill Hitler, the new groundskeeper. May have possessed Hitler himself.
Albert Speer
(Presumed) Owner of the Fegelcist Hotel.
Heinz Linge
A subordinate of Speer, he calls Hitler into Speer's office for the interview.
Hermann Fegelein
Has been pulling antics on Hitler relentlessly that the latter decides to get away from him by getting a groundskeeper job at the Fegelcist Hotel. It is unknown whether the hotel being possessed, or Hitler becomes possessed, is one of his antics.
Though unseen throughout the entire parody, he is presumed to be well-off at the end of the parody.


  • Speer is using a Banana brand computer, and his computer looks to be infected with a Fegel-virus.
  • A Jodl head can be seen on Speer's computer screen.
  • The parody ends abruptly in a cliffhanger.
  • A textless version of the Jodl twins's picture has been used by members of the Untergangers Chat to flush anons out since the parody's debut. The image would be posted multiple times, with captions "Hello anons" "come chat with us, anons" "forever..." "and ever..." "and ever...". These are closer to the original lines from The Shining than the ones in the parody.
  • Amongst the graffiti on the wall is a scribbling of "DA", a reference to DictatorAntics.
  • The parody got a big boost in June 2015 after being shared on a Reddit community called Deep into YouTube.


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