Hitler's Mythbasterds is a parody series by Streptokokkeninfekti containing elements from the popular television series Mythbusters, but with the Downfall cast. Three episodes were made before Strepty's retirement, each exploring the three possible outcomes from the original series: busted, confirmed or plausible.

The members of the Mythbasterds are:

A recurring skit is Jodl trying to enter the team, but was rejected every time.



The first episode of the series, Hitler decided to form his own test team after being inspired by a bunch of dilettantes who "claim to do science by blowing up things". He then named the members of his new team, but refused Jodl who wanted to be in the team. The first myth that Hitler wanted to bust was the invincibility of Fegelein, with Goebbels outlining how to get hold of him. Later that day, Peter Högl takes Fegelein out in the open and opened fire, but Fegelein takes not a single scratch. The myth is confirmed.

Human BBQ

The day starts with Jodl asking what Hitler wants to test this time, and whether he can now join. Hitler replies that he's testing whether human can burn like BBQ, but replied the latter question with silence. He continues by saying the myth entails burning to ashes if the body is overwhelmed in gas and ignited.

Krebs doubts that they will bust this myth, saying that they will only confirm it. Burgdorf rants that they will have to conduct the test regardless to find out. The commotion angers Hitler who ordered that preparations be made.

Skeletor goes on to explain how the test is to be conducted. They'd need some dead bodies and douse them in gasoline. If the body doesn't turn to ashes, the myth is busted. They did just that, and later Hitler examine the remains. Traudl reveals that the bodies didn't combust completely, and Hitler announced the myth busted.

Durable Hitler Youth

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  • Mythbasterds is a portmanteau of the TV series Mythbusters and the film Inglourious Basterds.

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