Hitler's Llama Priest is a parody series by TheSilverUniverse. It is TSU's biggest parody project. The series name is derived from a common word play from the Hitler walks around the model of Berlin scene and he said that he "felt like a llama priest". The first episode debuted on 19 July 2012 and received July's Parody of the Month. The series are made up of five episodes, with the final one uploaded on 28 October 2012. A video containing the full series were also uploaded. The overall series have gathered over 26,000 views as of January 2013.



List of episodes

Thumbnail Episode Title Length Release date
Episode 1 "The Llama" 4:09 20 July
Episode 2 "The Pyramid" 4:10 31 July
Episode 3 "The Doctor" 5:01 16 August
Episode 4 "Speer" 6:14

16 September

Episode 5 "The End" 4:49 28 October


  • Llamas live in South America, and are not found naturally in the Old World.
  • The Llama Pyramid shown in the first few episodes of the series is actually the Bent Pyramid.
  • Throughout the series, the word "niemals", which means "never" in German, is translated as "die".
  • The series was actually named "Hitler goes to Egypt", but was changed shortly before the final render.
  • The original storyline calls for only two episodes.
  • In the film, when Hitler says "llama priest", Gerda is seen trying not to laugh.
  • A troll sixth episode was uploaded on 31 March 2013 (check the date).
  • This series has acted as an inspiration for other Untergangers to create series, such as Benad361, DictatorAntics, and Soalric.
  • None of the vehicles seen in the parody are actually used by the German military. In fact, most of them didn't even exist until the Cold War.
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