Hitler's F1 Race is a series by Diagnosis: Bananas which features Hitler playing Formula One games. Four episodes were produced prior to Diagnosis: Bananas' retirement.

It focuses on Hitler and his dastardly plans to win the race, which always end in failure.




  • All four races have seen at least one restart due to a huge accident involving Hitler.
  • As has been pointed out by commenters, after Hitler is told that 'Fernando is faster than him' in the second episode, Dr. Robotnik's rant about Sonic The Hedgehog in the final epsiode of the Sonic SatAM series is heard in the background.
  • In the third episode, Diagnosis: Bananas makes use of the infamous 'replay crash glitch' in the F1 Challenge 99-02 game.
  • In the finale of the fourth episode, Hitler gets killed by Panty and Stocking, the main characters of the anime series Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt.
    • Panty and Stocking have both been featured in other Diagnosis: Bananas parodies, probably meaning he is a fan of the show. He did hint of a possible "Hitler vs. Panty & Stocking" parody, but upon the announcment of his retirement, this now seems unlikely to happen.
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