“You know what Denmark looks like? Like spilled coffee dregs.”

Hitler's European Rants (also known as Hitler Rants about European Countries) is a parody series by Smell of the Ice. 12 episodes + 2 specials have been uploaded so far.


The idea behind the series is to go through the list of European countries (note: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cyprus and Georgia are not included since they are not considered European by SotI's homeland geographers) from A to Z and point out the stereotypes of each of them.

The idea was introduced in Hitler plans to rant about every European country, the first parody SotI uploaded. The episodes are uploaded irregularly but adhere to the alphabetical order. The following countries have been parodied so far: Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland and France.


The Albania parody met with negative reactions among Albanians (Albania is called a country of bunkers and thieves in the video). A user from Albania wrote SotI a PM in which he recommended him to withdraw the parody in fear it might provoke Serb nationalists. Such reactions made SotI rather avoid too controversial topics (he abandoned the idea of making fun of the civil war and mass graves in Bosnia), yet there are users who are not in fond of his parodies.

The parody about Croatia was flagged and blocked in some countries. SotI reacted to this by uploading a special episode called Hitler is informed his offensive parody has been flagged and blocked, in which he expressed his thoughts that the video had been flagged by a hypocritical and oversensitive Croatian nationalist.


The series was announced the best parody series for 2011 (along with Hitler gets Experimented on by mackychloe) by notoriousrob01.

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