Hitler's China Experience is a parody by JennieParker87. It is her most viewed parody to this day, with over 30,000 views. It won Parody of the Month in May 2015, as well as "Best Story-Based Parody" in the Unterganger Awards in the same month.




Sony Vegas Pro 13 was used to make this parody. The FX includes a plane ride and a plane flying over China, Hitler studying Chinese, his office looking different twice, a television on the wall showing two types of movies/videos, Hitler doing Tai Chi, Hitler in a car, Hitler in a Chinese restaurant and several other things. The parody is basically full of FX.

A friend of JennieParker87's, Puching Zhang, helped to narrate one part of the parody (the scene where Hitler is seen talking on the phone with someone at the hotel). Chinese music were added as well in several places.


  • It is a running joke in the Unterganger community that JennieParker87 herself is a sinophile, which she denies. Making this parody only added to the suspicions.
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