Hispanic Untergangers are Untergangers from the Hispanic community. Originally considered to be part of the mainstream English community, they have since become a somewhat separate entity from the community due to efforts by Juegoxi to promote the Hispanic community.

This page exists to document the Hispanic community and their select interactions, among other things.


The first famous Hispanic Unterganger was MoarHitlerParodies, who is currently retired. Despite being recognized as the first Unterganger residing in a Hispanic country, his parodies were focused on the English community. Years passed without Untergangers in the Hispanic community after MoarHitlerParodies retired. In mid-2015, Juegoxi uploaded his first Downfall parody. Juegoxi began to make more parodies. One of his parodies, Hitler Meets Geometry Dash, ended up bringing a lot of people into the community. Juegoxi began to upload parodies more regularly, and was the only Hispanic to upload parodies up until recently, where he encouraged his subscribers to start making parodies. Juegoxi has since attempted to recognize these channels and appeal to the Hispanic community.

List of Hispanic Untergangers

The following is a list of Hispanic Untergangers. Please read the notes before editing this section.

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# Name Reg C'try Vids Views Subs Status YT
Juegoxi EU ES  119 2,384,700 20,052 Retired yt
Jx2501 SA CL  186 3,883,880 15,412 Active yt
Spanish Dolfy EU ES  64 41,709 816 Active yt
HitlerScoped EU ES  3 70 5 Active yt
Yannix EU ES  1 62 1 Active yt
HitlerLovesParodies EU ES  3 43 1 Active yt
Zoquetin EU ES  2 38 16 Active yt
Fegeloide EU ES  1 10 6 Active yt
TheKrebsHD EU ES  29 6,296 141 Active yt
Hitler Parodies ES (now FegelGames) EU ES  63 5,485 165 Active yt

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Hispanic Unterganger Awards

The Hispanic Unterganger Awards(HUA) is a monthly awards show that works similarly to the Unterganger Awards. It is managed by Juegoxi and recognizes Hispanic channels and their parodies.

Hispanic Chat

Hispanic Chat
Hispanic Chat
The chat, as seen at


May 2016






Flash (Chatango)



The Hispanic chat (Sociedad de Untergangers Hispanos, English translation: Society of Hispanic Untergangers) is a chat created by Juegoxi on the Chatango platform. It is the biggest place where Hispanic Untergangers meet.

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