“They say 'Sieg Heil', but they think 'Lick my a— you know what.'”

The Himmler Greets Himmler scene, also known as the Hitler Wants Himmler Scene, is a scene in Downfall that is commonly used in parodies.

In Downfall

Hitler is in the dining room of the Reich Chancellery shaking hands with many Nazi officers. Traudl Junge and Constanze Manziarly, while standing by and looking at the formalities, gossip about how the officers are hurrying to leave Berlin.

Heinrich Himmler then gives Hitler the Nazi salute and the two men shake hands. Himmler quickly makes his point of persuading Hitler to leave Berlin, saying that it's not too late, to Hitler's disapproval. Himmler then calls Walther Hewel over and asks his opinion on whether they should contact the Allies and start conducting politics, to which Hewel duly agrees.

Hitler declines from conducting politics, saying he's sick of it and that there will be plenty of politics after he's dead. Himmler is confused, but Hitler assures him that everything will be alright. Hitler departs, leaving Himmler who salutes him in an apathetic way and begins to nod nervously.

In Downfall Parodies

This scene is used frequently in parodies, but rarely on its own. This is the only scene in Downfall that has Himmler interacting with Hitler, which is its primary use in parodies. It is usually used to show Himmler informing Hitler about something.

In almost all parodies that involve this scene, Himmler asks Hewel to come and convince Hitler about something. Some parodies depict Hewel as agreeing with Himmler, in which Hitler disagrees with the both of them; others depict him as disagreeing with Himmler, in which Hitler will agree with Hewel.

Also, as the alternate name implies, this scene is used in parodies that have Hitler instructing Himmler to do him favors. In this manner, the scene is used most often by Hitler Rants Parodies, where Hitler asks Himmler to perform many dirty and gross activities. Many other parodies follow this pattern.

In Subtitlecomedy's Hitler and the Jolly-Buzzer, Himmler zaps Dolfy with said buzzer as an antic.

In Fegelein: The Lost Tapes' The GoebbelMan Hitler is shown with a carrot stuck up his ass, something the GoebbelMan is said to do to its victims; a puzzling thing as it was revealed earlier that the GoebbelMan was only a figment of Hitler's nightmare.

It was one of the most used scenes for parodies nominated for the former "Best Use of a Rare Scene" category in the Unterganger Awards.


German transcript and English translation
Speaker German English
OFFICER 1 Alles für Deutschland! Everything for Germany!
Heil, Mein Führer! Hail, My Führer!
OFFICER 2 Mein Führer, ich... Heil, Mein Führer! My Führer, I... Hail, My Führer!
OFFICER 3 Heil, Mein Führer! Hail, My Führer!
TRAUDL Die können's ja gar nicht erwarten, endlich wegzukommen! They just can't wait to get away!
MANZIARLY Was mir am meisten stört ist die Schleimerei. What disturbs me the most is the bootlicking.
OFFICER 4 Wer an Sie glaubt, glaubt an den Sieg! Who believes in you believes in the victory!
MANZIARLY Nach vorn "Sieg Heil" und nach hinten "Leck mi’ am... Abend"! Up front [they say] "Sieg Heil" and behind [their backs they say] "Kiss my a— ...Evening!"
HIMMLER Mein Führer! My Führer!
Ich flehe Sie an, verlassen Sie Berlin! I implore you, leave Berlin!
Noch ist es nicht zu spät! It's still not too late!
HITLER Zu spät? Too late?
HIMMLER Hewel, kommen Sie doch mal her, bitte! Hewel, come here please, will you?
Mein lieber Hewel, Sie sind doch auch, der Ansicht, wir sollten Fühlung aufnehmen mit den Alliierten! My dear Hewel, you too are of the opinion that we should get in touch with the Allies!
Politik machen! Do politics!
HEWEL Ja, in der Tat! Yes, indeed!
Wir sollten Politik machen! We should do politics!
HITLER Politik? Politics?
Ich mache keine Politik mehr... I don't do politics anymore...
Das widert mich so an! They so disgust me!
Wenn ich tot bin, werdet ihr noch genug Politik machen müssen! When I'm dead, you'll have plenty of politics to do!
HIMMLER Mein Führer? Mein Führer?
HITLER Es ist gut, mein lieber Himmler! It's OK, my dear Himmler!
Mein treuer Heinrich! My loyal Heinrich!
Es ist gut! It's OK!
Gehen Sie nur. Just go.


  • This is the only scene with Hitler and Himmler together.
  • Even though it's only seen at the beginning and the end of the scene, it's implied that Hitler's hand shakes throughout the whole scene.
  • Sounds of trucks from the previous scene carries over into this scene for a split second, which is what you hear, in most sources, in the first second of the scene.
  • Martin Bormann does not have any lines, but is seen at the start of the scene holding military badges to be awarded to the Nazi officers who greet Hitler.
  • Heinz Linge is also in this scene where he has no lines. At the end he follows Hitler leaving the room.


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