Hideki Tojo (30 December 1884 – 23 December 1948) was a Japanese politician and general of the Imperial Japanese Army (IJA) who served as Prime Minister of Japan and President of the Imperial Rule Assistance Association during much of World War II.

Real Life

He was among the most outspoken proponents for preventive war against the United States before the attack on Pearl Harbor and one of the leading perpetrators behind Japanese war crimes on prisoners of war and civilians during the Pacific conflict. After the end of the war, Tojo was arrested, condemned and sentenced to death by the International Military Tribunal for the Far East, and hanged on December 23, 1948.

Parody Universe

Tojo is the Japanese ranter. He is bald and annoying, like Jodl.

So far he has only appeared in the works of two Untergangers: Spanish Dolfy and F-A Alexander, the latter of whom featured him in the Azur Lane crossover parody series, The Ambition of Red Axis as one of the main antagonists alongside Hitler.



Japanese officers and Tojo scene

Japanese officers and Tojo scene

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