Hermann Fegelein's Hitler Parodies (HFHP) is an American Sixth-generation Unterganger from the United States. He is the latest Unterganger of his generation, having made his debut on May 10, 2019, releasing twelve parodies made in April with the first being Hitler and the La Cumbia Del Garrote Incident and the last one, Hitler Plans to Make Germany Great Again, being his most-viewed parody until March 7, 2020, with Hitler Interviews Mohnke being his most popular to date.


In October of 2018, HFHP discovered the Downfall parodies when he came across FegelDolfParodies Hitler Works at KFC and later the videos of Mein Unterkampf, WonkyTonkBotty, Reich Motion Pictures, Fegelein: The Lost Tapes, RBC56, Dolfy Hitler Parodies, CloroxEnergyDrink, Delphox, Delano762, Yuan Jin, Joster285, KakashiBallZ, Echoes1224, Shomronon, PunchOfJustice, and Soalric Parker.

However, HFHP was well aware of the meme in the years prior but never saw the parodies themselves. One instance being the cutaway gag on The Cleveland Show episode "Wide World of Cleveland Show".

A year prior to his viewing of the parodies, HFHP saw Downfall on Netflix in November of 2017 and like many viewers, was emotionally moved by the events portrayed. He regards it not only as one of the greatest German films ever made but one of the greatest films of all time. He regards it as such due to his vast knowledge of cinema as he is a student currently at film school but won't consider himself a film buff in the traditional sense.

On June 23, 2020, HFHP announced that he was taking a break from making videos with the possibility of returning either in July or August but gave no guarantees. Until then he is officially on break.

Parody Style

HFHP's parodies are predominantly story-based even if it isn't part of a series. Even though his earlier parodies were the standard four to five-minute parodies, they tell their own story like many of the parodies during the height of the Downfall parody meme. However, he has since run out of the ideas to form the basic four to five-minute standard parody and therefore is focused on making series based parodies.

HFHP's Parody Universe


Hitler Plans to Rebuild Berlin

After being informed Goring ate the city of Berlin, Hitler plans to rebuild the city, therefore, fulfilling his long-awaited quest of finding it on the map.

Hitler Plans to Destroy the UK

Sharing his grievances about the United Kingdom, Hitler decides to destroy it in hopes of winning the war showcasing the power of the Luftwaffe despite the fact it opens up a two-front war in this somewhat alternate World War II scenario.

A Peaceful Day in the Bunker

In a sharp change from the usual parody structure, Hitler refrains from his usual daily routine of ranting at his generals and at Fegelein's antics with the hope of achieving inner peace for once in his life.

Hitler Interviews

An interview series of Hitler interviewing political leaders and members of the cast of Downfall, starting with Hitler Interviews Franco, the former dictator of Spain, and ally of Nazi Germany. The videos have since included interviews with The Bunker Hitler, Heinz Linge, Helmuth Weidling, and Benito Mussolini.

A Day in the Life of...

An anthology series revolving the other main characters of Downfall interactions with each other and their daily lives in the bunker. The series starts with the following in chronological order.

Hitler Makes a Movie

In order to portray a better image, Hitler hires Oliver Hirschbiegel to direct a film about everyone's lives in and around the bunker while on a loan from Constantin Film with the hope of portraying a better image while Fegelein plans an antic to be the star of the project.

The Death of Fegelein

Anticipation grows as to what is Hitler's latest plan. Himmler and Fegelein plan on making sure things go right to avoid another disaster, but the only issue remains is that the Failure denies he is planning anything causing Himmler and Fegelein to doubt the Failure. Feeling something is being done without them, the two commit treason in order to discover the truth.


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Among the contributions HFHP has made for the Downfall community is providing the Mediafire links not listed in the List of scenes page for certain scenes that are not commonly used in the parodies. The following scenes in chronological order in Downfall being:

Two scenes not listed with their Mediafire links that are already uploaded are:

Scenes provided in full are:

Standalone scenes not part of the Berlin's breakthrough file include:

One last file replaces the corrupted file of the Hitler Planning Scene theatrical version uploaded by TheKrebsHD.

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