Kapitänleutnant Heinrich Lehmann-Willenbrock
Das Boot Werner (isn't it)


Heinrich Lehmann-Willenbrock


11 December 1911


18 April 1986


Commander, Der Alte

Hitler Parody Counterpart

Hitler, Krebs


Werner, Thomsen, the 1WO


Hitler, Fegelein, Tukhachevsky

Portrayed by:

Jürgen Prochnow

Captain Heinrich Lehmann-Willenbrock (11 December 1911 – 18 April 1986) was the Captain of U-96. He served as a major character in the fictionalized autiobiography Das Boot, which was later on adapted into the 1981 film of the same name by Woflgang Petersen.

In Das DRM - The Director's Cut, Willenbrock was referred to as 'Uncle Neal', meaning that he had been possessed by Neal Stevens, owner of, who later released the footage.

In the Parodies

In the original U-Boat parodies, Captain Willenbrock was the only character who really stood out from the cast, though as in the film Das Boot, he was not identified by name. He was first identified by his name in the video "Captain Willenbrock tries to improve the U-Boat Parodies", which also marked the introduction of Lt. Werner.

Captain Willenbrock can be described as good-natured officer who strongly disagrees with the ideology of the Nazi Party. Because of this, he is very supportive of Antics committed against Adolf Hitler, and while not a Master of Antics himself, he is a close friend of Captain Philipp Thomsen, the navy's Grand Master of the Antic Order, and is more than willing to help Werner with his schemes. In addition, Willenbrock has the benefit of free medical care from the worst of injuries, as Werner managed to help him survive after Hitler bribed Elizabeth Hurley to shoot him through the throat with a harpoon.

Willenbrock has also started up his own amusement park, NavyLand, which is a navy-themed park located underwater.

Willenbrock recently got a chance to perform an inceredibly daring antic of his own. His scheme involved tearing himself into a hole in the fabric of space and time. The resulting hole created a bridge between the Parody Universe and it's mirror counterpart, creating mass chaos throughout Berlin and bringing Hsub Etak into Hitler's office. It is unknown if anyone else from the mirror universe crossed over or vice versa.

He was a captain in the Free Parody Universe Alliance fleet in Benad361's Rosen Wars: Revenge of the Plamz series (in Episode 5). He assists Admiral Traudl Junge on her command ship, leading them to a pyhhric victory against Admiral Bashar al-Assad's fleet, and thus saving Planet Fegelein. However they are both killed when the defeated admiral launches part of his destroyed command ship into their ship. He survives the collision, but not the subsequent explosion of the ship.

At some point in time he was possessed by Neal Stevens of, and forced to play an unmodded version of Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic, with the associated crashes, bugs and required internet connection. Mr. Stevens later released the footage as Das DRM - The Director's Cut. It is unknown wether or not Mr. Stevens has apologised, or if Willenbrock has played the far superior modded version of the game as therapy.

His counterpart in the Mirror Parody Universe, Captain Kcorbnelliw-Nnamhel Hcirnieh, commands the U-Boat 69-U and often fails at his schemes to the actions of Reltih.

Comparisons with Other Leaders

Adolf Hitler

Hitler Lehmann-Willenbrock
Both are leaders
Both spend most of their respective parodies in confined spaces
Both are rivals with Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union
A ruthless dictator with power over all of Germany His power only extends to the crew of U-96
Rants frequently Much calmer, only rants in one parody, A U-Boat Crew v.s. the Justin Bieber Fans
The leader of the Nazi Party Disagrees with Nazism
Hates Fegelein and his antics, tries to eliminate him frequently Supports antics, and encourages his men (specifically Lt. Werner) to perform them on Hitler
His schemes either are objected, or, if ever pulled through, failed. Succeeds in his schemes frequently
Irritated by his staff, mostly made up of imbeciles (with some exceptions) Gets along with his crew for the most part


  • Captain Willenbrock is never identified by name in the film. Instead, he is simply referred to as the Kapitänleutnant ('Captain-lieutenant', usually shortened to Kaleun), "Commander", "The Captain" or "Der Alte" ('the old man') in the film. However, the name is used in the cast list on Das Boot's IMDB page.
  • Captain Willenbrock is an actual person captaining the real life U-96, and he served as one of the consultants during the production of Das Boot.
  • Like many of the other crew members aboard U-96, Willenbrock's appearance varies between parodies in that he alternately appears clean-shaven and with a full beard. This is because of the fact that in Das Boot, the characters' appearances gradually change over the course of the film, most of them growing full beards eventually. Willenbrock's current appearance in each parody simply depends on which scenes are currently being used.
  • His disagreement towards Nazism is similar to the Prussian Lieutenant Hans von Witzland, who appeared in the movie Stalingrad, made by the producers of Das Boot.
  • Willenbrock had played an actual April Fools prank on his crew by starting the sub's alarm drill.
  • He is the first non-Downfall parody character and the first U-Boat parody character to have his own actor parody.[1]



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