Hazard Ryuusei, formerly Hazard and Biohazard434, is an American 26-year old second-generation unterganger and, like Thunderbirds360TV, a sparta remixer. He has uploaded 48 parodies as of February 19, 2014. He is more popular for his Sparta remixes rather than his parodies.


Hazard first joined YouTube in Jul 6, 2006, but didn't upload his first video until December 2011. He uploaded his first parody on Nov 23, 2012. Though his parodies aren't that popular, he has gained the attention of well-know Untergangers such as Hitler Rants Parodies and JennieParker87.

Parody Style

He has made his own parody series called "A Bunker Full of Spartans" where each Downfall character represents a certain Sparta remixer. He has even done a Pros and Cons series of certain Sparta remixers and other random topics. His parodies are usually Meme related, if not, about current events (example: The Seahawks winning the Super Bowl, country wide cold temperatures). One of his parodies suggest that Hans Fritzsche may be a committer of Antics, for when Goebbels got "a mechanical voiceover," he tells Krebs and Burgdorf he couldn't resist pulling that "Fegel-Antic" on him.

One of his most well known parodies is a DPMV of the Mortal Kombat Theme Song, which earned him an Unterganger Award.

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