“"Hehe... Hard luck, Harrybo. Always knew you were a cretin"”
―Michael Rosen, after thinking he had killed Harrybo.

Inspector (and/or Jedi Master) Harrybo, is a Jedi Master and Police Inspector, who is either depicted as being an enemy of Michael Rosen, or an ally and a friend. The depictions of Harrybo use the depiction of Mace Windu by Samuel L. Jackson in the Star Wars Prequel trilogy.


Harrybo first makes his debut in Benad361's Rosen Wars: Revenge of the Plamz series, in Episode 1. His attempts to arrest Michael for embezzling 100,000 tomatoes from the "Bank of Plamz" to "buy cocaine" result in an epic lightsaber battle, in which Harrybo's friends (George, Melanie and Dave) are slain in quick succession by Rosen's speedy swordplay, leaving Rosen and Harrybo fighting on. Eventually, Harrybo disarms Rosen (who is also the sith lord Darth Plamz) with a kick, just as Adolf Hitler comes for a visit. Hitler strongly objects to Harrybo's plan to kill Rosen.

Before Harrybo can kill Rosen, Adolf swings his lightsaber and cuts off Harrybo's hand, giving Rosen the opportunity to blast Harrybo with the power of 'unlimited plamz' and send him flying out of the window. He is thus presumably dead in Benad361's parodies.

However, in DictatorAnticsAntic Menace series, he is shown to still be alive, and an actual friend to Mr. Rosen, who sends him to represent Rosen's faction of the Parody Universe at the UN, where he takes a key role in the meeting, ad presumably also in the fight after the (temporary) defeat of Antic Master Hermann Fegelein.

It was later revealed in Benad361's parodies that in Rosen's early years, Harrybo had been Michael's best friend and ally, accompanying him on many adventures, before somehow becoming his deadly enemy in later years.

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