Hansi Krebs is an Untergangerin from the United States. She uploaded her first parody on 10 January 2014. Currently she has 16 videos and 280 subscribers.


At first, before Hansi began making parodies, she said she would never make any Downfall parodies as mentioned in the description of her very first video. The next day, she uploaded her first parody which was made using Windows Movie Maker, saying that "Fegelein has corrupted me".

Later, as she became well-known in the Unterganging community via and the Untergangers Chat, she started creating chat icons based on characters from Downfall, which could be used in both chat sites. These chat icons received much attention when they were first created, and many Untergangers began making suggestions for new characters and new icons for existing characters. Some even began making picture stories using these icons on the chat. However, as time passed, these icons gradually lost their popularity, and are now rarely used.

On 12 March 2014, she uploaded a parody announcing her relationship with fellow Unterganger AdolfTallentDay01 from Canada.

Hansi was also the first recipient of the Best New/Unknown Unterganger Award organized by Hitler Rants Parodies.


  • Her favourite character in Downfall would be Hans Krebs, which would explain her username.
    • She even requested Hitler Rants Parodies to make a banner on featuring Krebs.

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