Hans von Witzland
Witzland reminds Hitler of someone else.


Hans von Witzland



Date of Birth


Date of Death

February 1943

Portrayed by

Thomas Kretschmann

“I know nothing about Nazis, apart from what I have seen in movies. This is about ordinary people at war, who are cowards, who don't want to fight, but will do what they have to just to stay alive.”
―Kretschmann's answer when playing Witzland's role.

Lieutenant Hans von Witzland was a Prussian lieutenant who served in the German 6th Army to fight in Stalingrad. He was killed after the 6th Army surrendered, where he along with another soldier, Corporal Fritz Reiser, froze to death while trying to escape the city in 1943.

Role in Stalingrad (1993)

In Italy, he was first introduced to Sergeant Manfred Rohleder and Corporal Fritz Reiser, his new recruits who were enjoying their leave after fighting in North Africa. His unit was sent to the Eastern Front to participate in the battle of Stalingrad, the Third Reich's 'high water mark'. However, his arrival does not go well as he would encounter some brutal and cold moments with his battalion throughout the movie.

In the parodies

Most of the parodies featuring him portrayed him as Fegelein, the master of antics. His first appearances were in Lieblingsfachful's Fegelein in Stalingrad and Meowjar's United Nazi War parody series. He would reappear in later parodies such as Hitler's Lost Christmas, Fegelein's Crisis and Der Frozengang.

Comparisons to Fegelein

Hans von Witzland Fegelein
Both were portrayed by the same actor.
Both served Nazi Germany.
Both deserted their superiors during wartime crisis.
Witzland was a Wehrmacht lieutenant of the 6th army. Fegelein was a Gruppenführer of the SS.
A fictional character. A real life character.
Killed before the end of World War II. Almost lived out World War II.
He was a main character in Stalingrad. A supporting character in Downfall.
Witzland was shot and froze to death during his escape. Fegelein was executed under orders from Hitler.
Witzland is shown to be friendly and sympathetic towards the people. Fegelein is shown to be more distant and selfish towards Hitler's generals.
Haven't committed any antic on anyone yet, except in the Der Frozengang universe. Commit many insane and hilarious antics on everyone, mostly Hitler.


In Stalingrad (1993)

Parodies/Other Media Appearance

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