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“Mein Führer.... Steiner....”
―Krebs trying to break the bad news (Steiner Fail) to Hitler in the Original Bunker Scene
“The Führer's orders are final!”
―Krebs objecting to Weidling wanting to protect the civilians in the Goebbels Rants Scene
“Die neunte Armee ist nach Norden hin bewegungsunfähig”
―Krebs most famous line in Hitler Planning Scene

Hans Krebs (4 March 1898 – 1 May 1945) was a German General of Infantry who served during World War II.


Krebs was born in Helmstedt. He volunteered for service in the Imperial German Army in World War I in 1914, he was promoted to lieutenant in 1915, and rose up the ranks until he became a General of Infantry.

As World War II was ending, he made a telephone call on April 28 to Keitel, and informed him that if relief didn't come within 48 hours, all was lost. He was among the people to court-martial Fegelein after Himmler attempted to negotiate to surrender.

A day after Hitler committed suicide, and after a failed negotiation with the Soviets, he, along with Burgdorf, committed suicide as well.

In Downfall

Krebs is the Wehrmacht general who serves as the army's chief of staff. He is also one of Hitler's four highest ranking generals. He usually is in the bunker, directing operations from there. He is shown to be loyal to Hitler, because he was willing to stay with him to the bitter end, even if it means killing himself.

Despite having a chance to escape after Hitler kills himself, he decides to kill himself along with Burgdorf not long after his failed attempt to call for a ceasefire with Marshall Chuikov. In the film, it seems that he is respected by Hitler enough to be allowed to have dinner with him (Burgdorf included).

In the Parody Universe

There are three things that describes Krebs most: maps, fish and Burgdorf.

Krebs is known as the "Map Pointer" because it is his job to point the map of Berlin, and occasionally, other maps as well. He takes great pride in his map pointing skills and gets extremely annoyed whenever anyone interrupts his pointing demonstrations, or when Fegelein orders him to point at other maps. Krebs also seems to be very possessive of his maps, as simply touching them is enough to make him very angry, to the point of ranting. He was revealed to have a map fetish. Hitler usually hates when Krebs talks about it, as he finds it annoying.

Krebs is also obsessed with fish. Often times he likes to amend Hitler's plans to include fish in some way (for example sending fish to kill Stalin or Putin). It also happens that he just likes to talk about fish during planning sessions, no matter how unrelated the subject is to said plans. Hitler also once wanted to buy fish to shut him up (as in this video by Hitler Rants Parodies: Hitler plans to buy fish), but as usual, shiny headed Jodl objected to this. The source of this trait is a Mondegreen, in which the last two syllables of the word 'bewegungsunfähig' (unable to move), as spoken by Krebs during the Planning Scene, can be interpreted as "Fish" - though the actual German word "Fisch" is pronounced like the English word.

One of the more likeable characters in the Bunker, he is also been accused of being the life partner of ranting extraordinaire and musician, Wilhelm Burgdorf. Although many Untergangers insist that they have been married as a gay couple, there is no piece of actual proof to prove them being gay. He has generally been shipped with Burgdorf a lot - mostly for the "fun" of it. However widespread, the shipping rumors should not be trusted forever.

Hans Krebs is also notable for being the only bilingual Downfall character, as he is able to speak both German and Russian. Therefore, he is usually sent to Marshall Chuikov whenever Hitler needs someone to relay messages to the Russians. Sometimes Krebs just goes to visit the Russians to socialize, without any ulterior motives. However, his skill in the Russian language differs between parodies. In one parody, he tried to negotiate peace on Hitler's behalf, but his skill in the Russian language was so bad, he managed to anger the Russians into prolonging the war.

Krebs is more scared of Hitler than Jodl and Burgdorf and so, when the time comes to inform Hitler about the latest misfortune to have befallen the bunker, he attempts to tell Hitler but then loses confidence, sparing him and letting Jodl tell the bitter truth in the end, costing Jodl his shiny head.

Apparently, Krebs is the only general immune to Joseph Goebbels's Stare of Doom, saying that he will make a Halloween head out of Goebbels if the latter keeps staring.[citation needed]

Krebs has a Mirror Parody Universe counterpart named Sberk Snah. He also points at maps for Reltih. His Stalin Parody counterpart is Kliment Voroshilov, who attempts to rival Krebs with his map pointing skills.


  • There is another Nazi Party member who is named Hans Krebs. What's different is that he was much older; born in 1888 and died in 1947 by execution. Also, instead of a Wehrmacht general, he was a Waffen SS-Brigadeführer from Czechoslovakia.
  • Yet another Hans Krebs exists. He was a German-born biochemist who also lived through WWII. He identified two important metabolic cycles in organisms, one of them named the Krebs Cycle. He shared a Nobel Prize for his discoveries.
  • Finally, there is a fourth Krebs, but this one is fictional and appears in the James Bond book Moonraker. What's interesting about this Krebs is that he was a Nazi saboteur, and was hired by the Soviets after the war. He worked for the book's main villain, Hugo Drax. He died, along with Drax, when the book's eponymous Moonraker missile hit the submarine they were on.
    • Krebs is a pretty common German family name, and means "crabs", as well as "cancer", in German.
  • The real life Hans Krebs wore a monocle on his right eye. The Downfall Krebs does not wear any monocle anywhere in the movie. The reason why he doesn't remains unknown.
    • In Die letzte Schlacht, Krebs, (played by Jodl) has his monocle.
  • Krebs was born on March 4, making him a Pisces. This would explain why in the parodies, Krebs has an obsession with fish.
  • He is one of the few characters to appear on Uncyclopedia.


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  1. Krebs apparently committed suicide after midnight on 2 May, although some other sources state it occurred before midnight on 1 May. See Joachimsthaler 1999, p. 288.